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2 aaa pen Customers Reviews

  • Nice EDC flashlight for AAA bateries

    posted by stulew

    Alkaline batteries fit.Threads are smooth.Brightness usable on High & MediumMedium focal distance ~ 20-30 ft maxWhite coloration; not blue, not yellow.Not hefty weight; just right.
    Nice appearance.Upon turning off, and back ON; I think it returns to last setting brightness.This is the one to buy, if not using Lithium batteries.
    For everyday carry (EDC), but not good enough to function as search light.
  • Wery nice laser, worth price

    posted by aivareens

    Very nice laser, the laser fireing lenght is awesom, and it is looking smooth! Also its kinda heavy so it does not fall out of hands! I had many other lasers before but this one is just too good
    Overall very good Laser totaly worth the price, buy it if u want very good laser by cheap price!
    This is awesom thing to buy, buy it, you will not be sad about youre choice, buy it if you like ducks
  • MASTECH MS8211

    posted by 87879

    It's an excellent tool for electric troubleshooting. Auto-range is fast and very handy. The measurement is very fast and precise. It has power detect feature, that detects presence of power in near proximity of the tip (without making contact), the sensitivity can be adjusted. The tip is very sharp and it can be retracted into the tool with twist-motion. It comes with nice carry pouch that can be attached to the belt. It has data hold and max function so you can make measurements in inaccessible places easily.
    It's a great tool for Electric engineer, its small enough and good for automotive, or house electric repairs. Does what it's supposed to do very good !
    Perfect for me (as a second one) to protect another one that make only very accurate measures (a $600 one).
  • Good green Laser Pointer with nice look

    posted by darkeye232

    Its a nice, bright laser. It goes realy far, at night you can see the beam over a amazing large distance. Even at daylight it goes over 30m. The design is realy cool.
    The laser is a good product and i can realy recommend it, its not for burning things (the output is not enough for it) but for pointing, and for having fun. It can gets realy hot if you use it over a longer time period (>10min). Do not point at other people, the output is still anough damage eyes!
    I can recommend the product!
  • BEST penlight available at DX!

    posted by Albertosoto

    High power, three output modes, superb presentation box, available in four different colours, sturdy pocket clip, great fit and finish.Comes with 2x AAA batteries so you can use it right off the box!
    This is an awesome product, elegant and unique dessign. Super performer, three well spaced modes (high, med, low) with mode memory (turns on in the last used mode). Comes with 2x AAA batteries so you can use it right off the box!
    Great choice for gifts. Widely available power source AAA battery and high performance, with excellent eficiency and unique and stylish fit and finish, best penlight I've ever used.Great choice!

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