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2 aa battery case

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2 aa battery case Customers Reviews

  • Good beautiful light

    posted by diegora123

    Light really looks like Neon, very shinny and has that unique "neon" look.Bends very well.Good Construction.
    Besides the noise it makes when it's on, the product is perfect. The light even disconnects from the battery holder to make it easier to mount.It has 3 modes: You press the button once and it's on, press again and it flashes very slowly, press again and it flashes quickly, one more time and it's off. So you have to press the button 3 times to turn it off. Not a downside but it's quite annoying.
    Buy it. Light is very Neon-like. Just don't mount it right next to your computer or the place that you spend most of your time.
  • Useful 9v Battery Case

    posted by noaforce

    Good for save your 9v battery from dust and water spill, this also can extend the battery durability.
    It's a good idea to make battery case for 9v battery, i never seen like this before. You need to carefully open the case because if you too rough, it can make the case flip broken. The best is you can get this item with cheap price
    Good product with best deal, you need this if you are always bring your battery.
  • Nice battery holder

    posted by Boredomca

    Battery's fit really nicely and don't rattle or short. I have two of these and they both work as well as they could. Its a great product.
    It will take my rechargeable 1.2v aa's and regular 1.5v's. you can screw a side on so they really are not going anywhere but its a tight enough fit, I just don't worry about it. If you would like to change battery's often I could even use it with the side off for easy removal. the switches work perfect on both although I don't have a need for them cause i use external ones.
    Don't think about it, they are really nice.
  • Great stuff

    posted by Moreno666

    I really like this product. The cable is really flexibel. I mounted under my longboard, so when i do a nightskate it loks awesome.
    I want more colours and stronger lights
    I am really satisfied with this product and I am thinking about to buy another, well if the shipping isnt as long as last time.
  • Beautiful and has a lot of applications!

    posted by rafaelissamu

    Has a high gloss, is very flexible, has three choices of lighting (direct connected, fast blinks and blink slower) and you can use long before the batteries run out.
    Very useful for making theater plays in the dark, the effect is fantastic, and is very flexible to use in any place or in the clothes.
    Recommend for various kinds of decoration, whether for clothes, car, bike, camp, room, etc.


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