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2 aa battery case

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2 aa battery case Customers Reviews

  • Good beautiful light

    posted by diegora123

    Light really looks like Neon, very shinny and has that unique "neon" look.Bends very well.Good Construction.
    Besides the noise it makes when it's on, the product is perfect. The light even disconnects from the battery holder to make it easier to mount.It has 3 modes: You press the button once and it's on, press again and it flashes very slowly, press again and it flashes quickly, one more time and it's off. So you have to press the button 3 times to turn it off. Not a downside but it's quite annoying.
    Buy it. Light is very Neon-like. Just don't mount it right next to your computer or the place that you spend most of your time.
  • Use this to hold your batteries.

    posted by Manhuawang

    The plastic material of the case is thick and sturdy. The hinge seems sturdy and closes with a satisfying click.
    There’s a little play with AA batteries in order to also accommodate 9v batteries. If you were a ninja stealth operator where total silence could mean the difference between successful completion of your mission and death at the hands of terrorists this might make a difference to you. If you’re just looking for a battery case this one will do fine.
    Item gets recommended. If you need a case for your AA and 9v batteries this will work fine.
  • Beautiful and has a lot of applications!

    posted by rafaelissamu

    Has a high gloss, is very flexible, has three choices of lighting (direct connected, fast blinks and blink slower) and you can use long before the batteries run out.
    Very useful for making theater plays in the dark, the effect is fantastic, and is very flexible to use in any place or in the clothes.
    Recommend for various kinds of decoration, whether for clothes, car, bike, camp, room, etc.
  • Great product!

    posted by laimonisbmx

    Quallity of wire looks goodThis is really good and useful if you are photographer and like to take long exposure shots with light painting. It's really portableGot 3 modes of lightening.Lights perfect.Really affordable!
    Check images for the test shot i made. The shutter speed was 17 seconds there.
    Get one of these if you want to just experiment with light painting! It's really fun and the images can be really stunning. BUY IT!

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