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  • Amasing

    posted by TheBlackJack

    It is awsome! Very good build. the Zoom works very smooth. and the light Cone is very accurate!I compared it with a LED lenser P7 and this one is cheaper Brighter, same quality, More function.The Description says it has only two mods thats not complet correct as you can see on my video you can dim the light by hold pressing the button so you can chose the brightness by your self!There is also a adapter so you can use AAA Batteries. and i think you can use bigger Batteries than 18650 you put the 18650 in a tube so there is space for bigger diameters.
    Perfect absolute perfect no one needs ledlenser if have this!!!With the orange lens you get a warm light!
  • fantastic

    posted by mariarosa

    It is a flashlight with good quality, is ideal if you do not want to spend much money, a very white light illuminates and concentrated
    Would improve food, so put the most high, to illuminate the most
    It is ideal if you want a cheap flashlight with good quality, the whole family can use, is easy to use and very well lit. The build quality is very good. I think it's a flashlight that lasts long. It can also be purchased as gifts.
  • very nice flashlight

    posted by shalomwt

    1. large lens (diameter ~ 32mm) - significantly larger than other zoom flashlights. collects a lot more light from the emitter2. houses 2 18650 batteries (connected in parallel) but can be used with a single one3. red rear light on battery case. it shines with changing modes (Hi, Lo, strobe). interesting feature, although not everybody will want it4. acceptable zoom mechanism. not totally smooth but seems good enough
    comes in different colors.can't figure why each states a different brightness (lumens) since they all seem to be identical electrically
    good bundle for the price. 2 chargers & batteries.
  • Great lamp!

    posted by designer2k2

    - smooth surface, no sharp edges- good feel in the hand, well balanced to handle.- side button, no tailcap clicky thing- remembers the mode!!! this is awesome!- long runtime due to 2x 18850- even spot illumination- sharp beam, about 1m in 10m distance- does only warm up a little
    - deliver it with a charger, or at least give a link to where people can get one
    i have it now on my nightdesk, great for quick going around in the house and garden
  • A great high output flashlight

    posted by alexlfm

    -Incredible light output for size. At night this light seems to be almost as bright as the sun. -Ability to use multiple battery types and voltages. This is very handy if all you have are AA or if you want a more compact light. - Multiple light modes. The inclusion of the different light modes ( high, med, low, SOS, strobe) is nice for situations where you don't want to burn someone's eyes out. - Long throw distance with no noticeable hotspots. - Decent quality construction. All the pieces fit together well and it feels solid. With three AA batteries it is fairly well balanced a well.
    Sometimes when I turn the light off and then turn it on shortly thereafter, it will switch light modes which can be a little annoying.
    For the price, this is an excellent light. The variety or light modes available and the ability to use multiple battery types makes this a very versatile light, which can handle almost any job. Overall, I highly recommend it.

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