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2 18650 pack

Welcome to our 2 18650 pack online shop. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.

2 18650 pack Customers Reviews

  • Customer Support is fixing my short shipment!

    posted by ebourlet

    I just got an email from customer support. They are going to ship the other 3 cells. If anyone else orders these please write a review and post if you get two cell packs. I would like to order more if it was just a simple mistake as they are nice cells for flight packs for the price as long as they are shipping the 2 cell packs as advertised.
    As long as this was a simple shipping mistake and they do ship 2 cell packs these cells are nice for the money. I am happy that they have promised to ship the other three cells that I thought I was getting in the first place.
  • Excellent battery.

    posted by PolluxGem

    Power complies with the above accreditations - 2300mAh
    Also ordered TrustFire http://www.dx.com/p/trustfire-protected-18650-3-7v-3000mah-rechargeable-li-ion-batteries-pair-120476 came one defective, fully working ((. Paid here for 3 dollar less then but got more quality!
    Excellent battery. Since that time, when I took her on the dollar went up - and it was worth it. Perhaps it is a new product that is still little known. Very good value for the price - quality! I think the book yet!
  • Good battery at good price

    posted by rikisub

    This battery is a good product at a fair price. No problem with the use and meets my requirements.
    No problem for charging using the correct power supply. I also think that the recharge times are adequate for this type of battery
    In the future if I need this type of batteries I'll purchase it again from this site. The material was properly arrived in an envelope with his plastic protection box.
  • decent battery

    posted by chewy78

    I have had these batteries to use in my flashlight that takes a ho-9 lamp. I works beautifully with one click to turn it on. It seams like these are dealextreme's best batteries on here. They charged up to 4.17 volts on my ibc charger. They also terminated good on my w-e charger too. The pcb on them is fairly robust and works excellent so far.. They seam too hold there voltage well also.
    I would buy these again. I havent tried too drain these down enough to test the discharge cut off proection.
    a good quality battery
  • Good Batteries !!!

    posted by victorrolando

    I have other pair of the same batteries since 2011 that I use in a XML T6 torch and at full power, it drains 1 Amp at 3.6V, and run 1 hour. Build quality is good and fit in my torch, recommended to any who need a good 18650 battery at bargain price.It reach full charge at 4.2V and my torch dim when the battery voltage drop below 3.2V.It has pretection circuit to prevent overdischarge or overcharge.
    Comes in a plastic box inside que envelope, that is better than bubble plastic wrap.
    If you need a 18650 battery with good capacity, good price and good quality, don´t think more, buy it.

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