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1w white Customers Reviews

  • The best LED Torch USB

    posted by Eduardoguru

    Very strong Light LED , I use in all kinds USB, in battery power back-up and Hub too, no more darkness in black-out here. I use in one piece or two or combined more pieces , Higher power up light, try yhis in hob 7 ports.
    Very usefull and easy , ready to use.only connect and can use one button include to on/off individual LEDs.
    Liked too more this.
  • Excellent Emitter For DIY And Upgrade Projects

    posted by lyonn

    - very bright and efficient
    - cool white color tint
    - compact size
    - dome size is perfect for upgrading 1*AA or 2*AA incandescent lamp flashlights
    I ordered 2 each of this product and SKU 13286 for evaluation and possible use for an upgrade project involving 15 reflector type emergency lighting units that use incandescent lamps. I proposed to upgrade the emergency lighting units by redesigning the existing battery charger and replacing the incandescent lamps with LEDs. I initially considered using SKU 13286 for the project because it's side emitting properties made it ideal for the large shallow reflectors used on the emergency lighting units. I designed and built a better sealed lead acid battery charger and constant current driver for the LEDs.
    I could not complete my evaluation of the LEDs then because the shipment of these LEDs were being delayed by a temporary stock shortage. I was quite satisfied with the performance of SKU 13286 and had opted to use them for the project. Fortunately I received these LEDs and after evaluation determined that these LEDs were brighter and better. These LEDs are now installed in my revised demo unit and I'm just waiting for the go signal from my client.
    I'll be using these LEDs for my project and for upgrading my old trusty Mini Maglite and 2 other generic flashlights. Overall these are excellent 1W LEDs that I intend to use for relatively low power applications.
    Highly recommended for DIY projects.
  • Very bright warm white bulbs

    posted by Loner911

    Good replacement for festoon halogen yellow bulbs. The color is quite close to original bulb, no heat generated when on for long as compared to traditional halogen bulbs.
    For the price, it's extremely value for money. Been using for 2 months and still functioning wrll
    Good replacement for interior bulbs if you like original warm white color
  • AAA flashkight

    posted by navarro181

    really smallhas cliplast about 2-3 hours with a normal AAA battery looks really nice
    i like the color
    buy it ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 3200K Warm White Light LED Light Chip - White (5 PCS / 3.2-

    posted by master1964

    WT-GN1 1W 100LM 3200K Warm White Light LED Light Chip - White (5 PCS / 3.2-3.4V / 350mA ) are easy to use to repair led lights whom are defect. This is why I ordered it. Some led lights are going defect.
    This is a simple product so there is not much to say about.
    Buy these to use for repair led lights or build your own led lights. Good color and brightness. Replacement for carlights. They need some cooling.

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