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1w white led emitter

The 1w white led emitter your looking for is one of our top sellers. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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1w white led emitter Customers Reviews

  • Decent low powe consumption LED

    posted by mundaire

    1) Cheap!2) Low power consumption3) Relatively easy to install (soldering skills required)4) Offers flexibility in terms of how/ where you wish to use it as it does not come mounted on a star
    Used it to convert an incandescent 2xAA flashlight to LED in combination with SKU 25505. Works well for my purpose. Brighter than the original lamp, though not as bright as my other LEDs (Fenix, ED-T, etc.)
    Buy it if you are looking for a low consumption, long battery life, LED with about 50-60 lumens output. The claimed output of 100-110 lumens seems overstated, though to be honest I have no instruments to measure it exactly, just going by my comparison to the brand name lights I own.
  • Surprising quality

    posted by Golu

    Really inexpensive, seems to soldered well and when put three off this on bike with reflector (sku 01916) and driver (sku 13557) its more than you need.
    If you run this little under voltage heat-sink is not so necessary (outdoor use) but its good to add.
    Cree emitter (sku 01302) gives allmost same amount off light. Adding reflector was problematic but little fiddling did the trick.
    Good product for beginners to blow off without hard feelings but still good enough to give great light.
    Lenses was leftover for my use but can be used with bare emitter and normal led.
  • Inexpensive and reliable.

    posted by tag1755

    LED it was used for modernisation of an old small lamp. Also has been applied to the fixture used in tent. Pleasant colour of radiation, is easily established, has a platform for heat removal. Good corner of dispersion.
    Suits all fans to make.
    In the sizes is ideally suited for replacement of usual bulbs in a small lamp, your old small lamp will receive the second life.
    If you have small experience of the soldering of electronic products, it for you.
    Perfectly suits for repair and modernisation. Take for children's creativity, they will be happy.
  • Very bright LED

    posted by flopezr

    The intensity of light produced is surprisingly high.
    Increases battery life because it consumes very little electricity.
    Its size is incredibly small.
    Its price is cheap at DealExtreme.
    I wish it were warmer white light it produces, though of course this is a matter of personal preference.
    The order took a long time to get home.
  • A Great Replacement For Incandescent Lamps

    posted by lyonn

    - side emission properties make it great for use with incandescent lamp type flashlights- very bright and efficient- small and compact- great build quality- quite durable- very easy to use
    I am using these to rebuild an emergency light that uses 2 vehicular type shallow depth large reflector assemblies. I removed the incadescent lamp holders and installed 2 short strips of aluminum 5mm thick flat bar. These serve as mounts for the LEDs and do double duty as heatsinks. The flat bar is drilled and screwed on the mounting posts for the incandescent lamp bases. I secured the LED's on the flat bar using thermal glue and connected the leads. I made a new battery charger for the 6V 4AH battery and a 700mA constant current regulator to drive the LED's. I connected a 1 ohm 1/4 watt current limitting resistor to each LED to protect them and to ensure that they get the same amount of current.I had an accident and the LED's were direct driven for about a minute and was pleasantly surprised that they were not damaged. I got to test the emergency lights that I had just rebuild immediately after I finished tests. We had a very strong storm that knocked out power for more than 12 hours. The LEDs delivered bright light for more than 8 hours before the battery charge started to droop and the lights began to dim.Overall an excellent product for upgrading incandescent lamp flashlights or emergency lights that employ large shallow reflectors. I'll be ordering these in quantity for an upgrade project involving more than 15 similar emergency lights.
    I recommend this to upgrade incandescent lamp type flashlights.

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