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1w red led

Every single 1w red led displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. You can also browse flashing red led and cree red led. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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1w red led Customers Reviews

  • Very nice product, good choice easy

    posted by AlbertoBona

    Well, this product is worth your money, and it's actually cheap.Very good 80lm LED Lights, bright red, the size of these lamps is much similar to my stock lamps, so no problme at all for the installation.Easy installation, anyone can install this product with no trouble at all...I installed them in my Honda FIT (or Jazz), pretty lights and easy job, good life usage, so far none burned-out... The quality of the product seems supreme, very nice choice after all.
    If you want your car to look diferent, buy these and have fun, nice product...
    Very nice product, would recommend it for other people to buy
  • Super Bright LED

    posted by hengpy

    1. very bright LED2. remove the red casing to install in a housing belonging to my car's dials. 3. everything works like a charm.
    1. some of the red housing are very tight to remove. 2. took quite a while to be shipped (about 2 weeks)
    1. no complaints at all2. will get it again if there is a need3. get them at bulk rate, it is more cheaper. 4. get more if you are removing the red housing, i have one broken
  • Works bright and has an awesome build quality

    posted by aadil33

    Small and light weight,Ideal for power banksOr laptops when you need that extra light to see the keyboardOr even for a small back up light using from your USB charger or PC. Can also be used as a bedside reading light as it does have a switch and all you need is a standard USB charger and also a cable
    Useful, if you want a small portable light and have a power bank where you can then easily plug this in in order to get a quick flashlight. I even dropped it on tiles and still worked perfectly. so its quality is nice.
    Its cheap and good quality. working switch . low power consumptionGET IT
  • Good features, bad build quality

    posted by nefreyu

    It looks good and it has very nice features, it can respond to music (actually works quite well) it has a laser (red and green) which project patterns and it also has a RGB led bulb which is very bright and projects light throughout the room (the lens rotates for effect)See video for a sample.
    see other fields
    Very nice device for the money if you happen to obtain one that is not damaged, and manage to keep it that way.
  • Convenient

    posted by pescao

    -Works perfectly
    -Very comfortable to use, fits perfectly on your forehead.
    -Very bright white light, beam wide enough for small dark spaces work
    -Not-dazzling red light (of course)
    -Doesn't interfere your work
    Worth buying this, very cheap for a very useful device, you won't regret it.

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