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1w led white pack

Check out the great 1w led white pack to see if there is any that suits you. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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1w led white pack Customers Reviews

  • Fully satisfied

    posted by OmegaKZ

    ???????? ???????? ???????. ??????????? ? ????? ????. ??????? ???? ????????.???????? ???????? ? ??????????? ?????. ?????? ??????? ?????? ??? ???????????? ?????, ?? ??? ?? ?????? ?????????? ??? ????? ?????? ????????????. ????? ???????? ??????? ?????.------------------------------------------------------------Excellent quality products. Uniform and bright light. A good viewing angle.Perfect fit into a standard socket. Size slightly larger than the original lamp, but that does not stop to set this lamp to replace the original. It has a nice shade of light.
    ???? ?? ???? ??? ????? ????? ???? ?? ?????? ???????!-------------------------------------------------------------If the light was pure white would be just fine!
    Fully satisfied
  • Excellent price for 1 watt LEDs

    posted by RacerXGT0

    For the price, these are excellent project LED's in the 1 watt territory. At the solder points, very tiny (+) and (-) marks stamped for polarity identification. Bottom is metal for thermal compound application for heat sinks. LED's are very bright!
    These have a Edison Edixeon style about them. I took a chance on their color, and I am very happy once I started working with them and got them to light up. Their color is NEUTRAL WHITE(5500-6000K), a very crisp white light, not yellow and definitely no bluish tint, only pure white. The need heat sinks to dissipate heat otherwise they're not going to last very long. They also need a good current driver to ensure long life.
    I plan to use these for lighting around the house and for an automotive Daytime Running Light project. The color is perfect for a DRL, exactly like that as found on the Audi A4.
    Best price for 90 lumen 1 watt LED emitters that are pure (neutral)white.
    What you see in this product listing, is what you get
  • Great product

    posted by halext

    Great product, well built, good bright, nice light color to use in some project's. The generated warm is well controlled and dissipation is easy. I'm will use on my remote-control car to illuminate and make the best light's ever.
    nothing to say
    Great product to have and use, buy't :)
  • Great for DIY led lamps

    posted by DaneDeal

    Nice price, nice warm white (slightly more warm than halogen), easy to glue on a heatsink with SKU 4579.
    As stated, great for DIY led lamps. I have med some with pars of 3 leds and 5 x 1.5ohm for 12V DC and they look great. Placed with a spacing of 10cm between each led gives more light than a small size fluorescent lamp at the same length.
    A great buy if you have the knowledge and skills to use them.
  • Nice cabinet lights

    posted by Nygma

    This is a very nice cabinet light. I think the color temperature is cooler than 3300K. I have quite a few 3000K LED lights and this is definitely cooler. Still not as cool as "cool white" lights. I will attach some pictures later.Unlike some of DX product, this comes in a proper package with an EU standard energy chart. Probably the exact same model is sold around the world.
    This is all plastic construction. The chrome played rings are plastic as well. The lights produce considerable amount of heat. This is not a problem, I just thought these low wattage multiple SMD lights would give out no heat at all.
    IKEA has similar products for probably +20% price, but cleaner design and probably better quality, service.I am happy with these cabinet lights, but I will probably would not buy more at this price. But if you need such low profile cabinet lights, you will not be disappointed.

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