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1w led pcs

Welcome to our 1w led pcs online shop. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.
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1w led pcs Customers Reviews

  • Led Lamp T5 1W 3SMD- Green

    posted by Arismar

    SMD LED more light with less heat dissipation and energy consumption. Good durability. Preserves the integrity of the socket of the bulb, not melting, do not dissipate heat as the filament bulbs. By design the emission of light is brighter and more intense colour. Several colors.
    Seller fast and accurate. Product with good quality.
    best quality in lighting and preventing possible damage to the Panel for working the SMD at very low temperature, although his power is 1W.
  • It is cheap but it is cheap

    posted by BabaWoo

    The price of the product is good, less than 1 dollar a piece. With enough power to the module (12 V constant), the module can drive 4X1W LED (SKU 133086). Actually I tested several more with the 12V power source, it drives 5X1W with lower brightness and above 7 without any light.
    I do not know what data sheet this module is based on since I could not read the fine print on the module. It might be helpful if the site can provide the information then I might be able to fix it or make modification.
    It is mostly fine but with possibility of defects, although probably low possibility.
  • Very bright warm white bulbs

    posted by Loner911

    Good replacement for festoon halogen yellow bulbs. The color is quite close to original bulb, no heat generated when on for long as compared to traditional halogen bulbs.
    For the price, it's extremely value for money. Been using for 2 months and still functioning wrll
    Good replacement for interior bulbs if you like original warm white color
  • Good Quality

    posted by gugadesimone

    - 6000K Temperatura Color- Canbus Works Fine- Good Quality Material- Don't Flash- Works perfect with 6000K HID Xenon Light
    I'm Using for 2 weeks, looks very good in my PUG 207, I like with this only one LED built, the LED ins't produce to much light, but the apperence it's beautiful. I particulary like the visual of just one LED intead of illumination all the lens of the car.
    If you like apperence and have a 6000K HID Xenon, will work perfectly.Don't use in license plates, because it is not very bright.
  • Nice signal light for its price

    posted by Bochtenkoning

    It is cheap, it works, it would look nice on your motorcycle. The outer ends are supplied with reflective orange glass for a better visability
    Remember that you additionally may need a resistor to function otherwise the lights will stay on and will not blink. The relay/relais needs resistance in order to blink the lights. DX can supply these also (use search option), you will need 1 resistance for every light.
    Great product and very cheap. In The Netherlands these signal lights cost twice as much and have the same build quality.

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