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1w led light

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1w led light Customers Reviews

  • they are great for solar systems!

    posted by wantabi

    well I got two of this leds and let me tell you I will order more soon. They come WITHOUT aluminium thermal plates so you will have to find a good way to get them cool.I did not have any led driver so I had to build the cheapest led driver I could find,so I used the integrated circuit mc34063a as a constant current source (I openened a 12 to 5 v phone charger and I used almost all the electronic components on in to build my led driver) so I put the two leds in series and they where working ar 350 miliampers (about 2 watts and 3.1 volts each led)and I put the two leds on the roof.They are great and you get a lot of light from them.high efficiency leds, Ihave a small solar panel and some 12 volts batteries so they are good for my small bedroom, you can read or do whatever you want without problem.
    led lighting seems to be the trend in home lighting systems.They are efficients, small,cool, and cheap. buy some of them if you know how to make them work(you need to know some about electronics)
  • Led Lamp T5 1W - 1SMD 5050 - Red

    posted by Arismar

    SMD LED 5050 T5 1W more light with lower energy consumption and heat dissipation. Preserves the integrity of the lamp socket, does not melt, not dissipate heat as the filament lamps. By design, the emission of light is brighter and more intense colour. Good durability. Several colors. This Led came to facilitate the work on automobile Panel lighting with many advantages.
    Product well protected against damage during transport. Seller fast and accurate. Product with good quality.
    Best quality in lighting and preventing possible damage to the Panel for working the SMD at very low temperature. Far better this than filament lamps.
  • Excellent 31mm LED

    posted by RacerWZ

    Good price.
    Good brightness.
    Good quality
    A nice light.
    Low power consumption.
    Good light-emitting diodes (yet not one was burned).
    Have current limiting resistors.
    Polarity is marked.
    Very good LED. I am happy.. For this price is very pleasant. It was difficult to solder the broken connector. But now everything is fine, it is working good.
    I work with electronic components and can say you, that this LED very good. I recommend.
  • Great sensor light

    posted by modreamarin

    Great device for people who need light in hallways or small rooms only for the time in which they stay (and move/pass) in there.Provided you use good batteres, the lights are strong, without "hurting" your eyes - if you do not look straight in them, that is!
    5 stars for the multiple-choice catching system: magnets, holes for nails AND a hook for the eventuality you already have a "free" nail in your wall to use.
    Useful and heartily recommended, provided you use good batteries.
  • Pretty look but weak light

    posted by sirWest

    Stylish look, tiny and compact, warm and cozy light, installation is easy, useful 220V-to-12V adapter is included
    Need a higher power LED, more style options could be available
    This lamp is good for example a glass cupboard lighting or some room sidelights but not for the whole room lighting. It's look is unique and eye catching but the weak LED reduces it's usefulness. Came in a weak and deformed package, I was afraid if it still even works.

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