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1w led lamp

Welcome to our 1w led lamp online shop. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Browse led lamp e27 or led flood lamp to find what you are looking for. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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1w led lamp Customers Reviews

  • Cheap, useful light.

    posted by Generale

    It works well even with partially discharged batteries. The strap seems fairly solid and stays on my head. The hinged function is extremely useful for illuminating nearby objects at eye height.I guess the flashing light could be useful if you put two on your head and use the rear one as a tail light while riding a bike.
    Not bad for its price. Has a good, directional beam. The button has a good feel to it and the strap is nice and solid.
  • Nice signal light for its price

    posted by Bochtenkoning

    It is cheap, it works, it would look nice on your motorcycle. The outer ends are supplied with reflective orange glass for a better visability
    Remember that you additionally may need a resistor to function otherwise the lights will stay on and will not blink. The relay/relais needs resistance in order to blink the lights. DX can supply these also (use search option), you will need 1 resistance for every light.
    Great product and very cheap. In The Netherlands these signal lights cost twice as much and have the same build quality.
  • quite bright

    posted by paultech

    Small, very bright. Usable with nearly any USB power source such as laptops , battery chargers and USB batteries.The light is relatively unfocused so it good for activities near the light only. One one of my tablets it will illuminate my face when using the front camera, not the room.
    Uses 120mA at 5V
    Handy, but keep it in a safe place.
  • Very good!

    posted by NitNesiv

    The spot is very small but it's powerful. Used in a small service area that does not need much power and liked the result. Installation is very easy and does not need to worry about voltage. Operates between 85v and 240v with the same intensity of light.
    There seems to LED replacement on DX. The spot can be disassembled for repair. I think it is perfect for use inside cabinets and other furniture.
    I liked the purchase. The spot picked exactly what I expected of him with a great price. So far is working perfectly.
  • Perfect for ceiling

    posted by p0vilas

    I needed something to put inside the ceiling for wall decoration light. This one is perfect. Only 60lm, so it is enough for decorative light. Color is warm.Posibillity to change LED driver.220V - no need to buy additional adaptors.It saves your energy, you do not need to buy halogens with dimmers to dimer light, as decoration lightning lumens is so little, that you do not need less.
    It would be better if angle of light would be ~ 5-10 degrees, but it's ok.
    Available color is silver. It could be better to choose silver, black or other color, depending what is good for your flat or house.

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