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You will be surprised our best 1w led emitter with an artful design and an amazing price. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Browse led e27 1w or t10 led 1w to find what you are looking for. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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1w led emitter Customers Reviews

  • Use'em everywere

    posted by Yvind

    This little suckers can be used everywere from ceilings to cabinets. I've ordererd 18 of them so far and put them everywere from stairs to ceiling in kitchen and cabinets. I can soon light up my whole house with a solarpanel(I have bought some lightstrips to). Builtquality are very good(Absolutely no plastic feeling)
    I do not want to buy anything i connect directly to main power in my house from China, so i only buy led's without drivers. These fits perfecly in that category, good price to when buying at 'bulkrate'
    Top notch quality and price!
  • 50 Lumen = V Bright

    posted by marcellaflamme

    50 Lumen? I lot more brightness than 50 leming.This emitter is exceptionally bright. I used it to make a Power Ring for a costume, and made some people temporarily blind and insane when I shinned it in their face at night, so be careful not to forget your running shoes or brain control raygun. I used item # 13553 to drive this emitter, which worked well. This item does get Hot so you will still want to affix it to a heat sink if you’ll be wearing it on your body.
    None, this is a perfect product that I would not change. I wish I had a million of these for my scooter.
    Buy this if you want to have super-powers, or need to illuminate things green.
  • led suitable for non color-sensitive usage

    posted by PumaLBust

    -relatively bright-metal plate heat dispenser contact
    I've ordered two of these to build a headlight for my bike, but I expected brighter light. I've driven the leds with a driver circuit designed for leds, with current set to the nominal. I had to order a bit brighter one, but managed to install these into a safety headlight and its quite good, even if driven only with one li-ion cell.
    I suggest to buy this emitter for applications where perfect color and high brightness is not necessary, but its still a good product for this price.
  • Recommandable Hexangular PCB Boards

    posted by foex

    small but enough mass for heattransportationgood mounting possibilityflexible soldering positionssuitable for many types of ledbig soldering padsenough screw holes
    there is no need to use heavy thermal grease or thermally conductive adhesive, just a little bit of thermal grease and 2 polyamid screws, everthing fits
    good and cheap
  • A Great Replacement For Incandescent Lamps

    posted by lyonn

    - side emission properties make it great for use with incandescent lamp type flashlights- very bright and efficient- small and compact- great build quality- quite durable- very easy to use
    I am using these to rebuild an emergency light that uses 2 vehicular type shallow depth large reflector assemblies. I removed the incadescent lamp holders and installed 2 short strips of aluminum 5mm thick flat bar. These serve as mounts for the LEDs and do double duty as heatsinks. The flat bar is drilled and screwed on the mounting posts for the incandescent lamp bases. I secured the LED's on the flat bar using thermal glue and connected the leads. I made a new battery charger for the 6V 4AH battery and a 700mA constant current regulator to drive the LED's. I connected a 1 ohm 1/4 watt current limitting resistor to each LED to protect them and to ensure that they get the same amount of current.I had an accident and the LED's were direct driven for about a minute and was pleasantly surprised that they were not damaged. I got to test the emergency lights that I had just rebuild immediately after I finished tests. We had a very strong storm that knocked out power for more than 12 hours. The LEDs delivered bright light for more than 8 hours before the battery charge started to droop and the lights began to dim.Overall an excellent product for upgrading incandescent lamp flashlights or emergency lights that employ large shallow reflectors. I'll be ordering these in quantity for an upgrade project involving more than 15 similar emergency lights.
    I recommend this to upgrade incandescent lamp type flashlights.


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