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  • XM050YW050A 1W 50-Lumen 3000K White LED Emitter

    posted by tymop

    This diode has a very agreeable color (3000K White). Its power is sufficient to light on a desk when the room is in the dark.Used at nominal current it made some calorific dissipation by its foot . I think it is so needed to solder it a dissipator if we need a long life especially during summer time.
    Just bye it.We only need a data sheet for this component to be completely happy for this item.
  • good quality, bright and easy to use

    posted by peter947

    I needed some lights for my home staircase at night. Running four of these in series (in a string) and powering from a 12 V mains power pack with a dropper resistor to 10 V gives me a really good lighting effect that is so low power it can be left on 24/7.
    The aluminium case has a groove and O-ring. This is excellent for mounting in a 30 mm diameter hole - a good push fit.
    Really good for staircase lighting. Low voltage means completely safe, and ability to run below design voltage gives just the right amount of light for the application. Very pleased.
  • Bright and powerful

    posted by solar4

    Bright. Very bright. Good build quality and heat spreader has nice holes for mounting the board.
    Suits my purposes well since i'll use them in a sandblasting cabinet, but it will still require big heat sinks for not burning when sand/air is not blasted.
    I think these are a good value for money if you can mount them to a big heat spreader / heat sink. Or you use them with a small heat spreader for a short periods. I would imagine for them to burn in matter of minutes if not used with a proper heat dissipation. They get too hot to touch in 10-30 seconds!
  • Very Small and Bright

    posted by lyonn

    - very bright
    - high efficiency
    - compact
    - great DIY item with lots of possible uses
    I have an upcoming project involving the upgrade of more than 15 emergency lights running off 6V/4AH sealed lead acid batteries. To make the existing units brighter and more energy efficient, I have proposed the replacement of the existing 6V/3W incandescent lamps with power LEDs.
    The 6V/3W lamps have a luminous flux of around 51 lumens so a 1W power LED with a 60 lumen output would be more than enough for the application. I ordered SKU 13286 and this LED for evaluation purposes. SKU 13286 has excellent side emitting properties which makes it excellent for use with large shallow reflectors. This LED, while noticeably brighter than SKU 13286 is definitely not delivering 100~110 lumens. I don't have a lux meter but I would say that 60+ lumens would be a good guestimate.
    While not as efficient as CREE or SSC LEDs, this LED and SKU 13286 are still better alternatives to incandescent lamps. They are brighter, more energy efficient, more robust and have a longer service life. I just wish that DX would sell these at lower prices and that they would sell these already mounted on stars.
    I recommend this for DIY and mod projects.
  • Good priced bright led

    posted by sakis00

    Very good price and for those who can solder it's very easy to use. I have connected them with the "MR16 1*1W 320~350mA Constant Current Regulated LED Driver". One is powered with a 12V car battery and another is connected to 220/18AC transformer. Both works fine and they are very bright especially the one connected to the transformer. I will use them on my boat and as security light for my garage.
    Just be careful to solder it right at the led pins otherwise the lens doesn’t fit.
    Very good product, with good price and easy to be used for DIY designs.


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