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1m shrink tube

The perfect 1m shrink tube here to meet all your needs. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

1m shrink tube Customers Reviews

  • Usefull for many things, not only electrical

    posted by garfpt

    - Have several sizes of heat shrink tubes.- Enough for isolation in small electrical projects.- Can be used for other things not electrical, like small ropes knots.- Makes your soldering tips look great.
    This is a simple product that does what it was made for right.Glad I have around some heat shrink tubes, so my electrical projects look much nicer than before, with better finishing.
    Recommended to have, especially if you make small electrical or electronic projects.
  • helpful

    posted by tiao001

    Simple and easy to use. You will need a heat source, heat gun, lighter or other. I prefer to use the heat gun or lighter. A source of flame, like a candle, can let a little dirty but it works well.
    I use to protect and isolate small circuit boards, ESC, etc... It is also used to insulate wire and cable splices. Other uses may appear, as suggested by other users.
    If you need to, buy. The price is reasonable. The result is very good.
  • Good variety of small-diameter widths

    posted by chuank

    Good variety of widths to suit smaller projects. Tubing reacts well to my hot air gun, and does what it's supposed to. Thickness is somewhat on the leaner side, but holds well after heat is applied.
    I won't recommend using a soldering iron to heatshrink, especially these – they melt pretty easily.
    It does the job.
  • Shrink you will

    posted by bigm1977

    it's work as expected
    it came in correct diameters to satisfy my demand
    cheaper than my local store.. same quality.
    so for me it's a good deal.
    would be nice if you add more sizes or colors
    I would definitely recomend this Tubing to a friend. For the price you can't go wrong and you'll have plenty leftover for any future projects or if you ever need to repair a damaged cable. Being 'Black' in color it's great to have around the house for most unexpected cable repairs, as opposed to being bright yellow.
  • Heatshrinker

    posted by Justkidding123

    After a search of about 3 months I finally found this big heat shrink tubing on dealextreme.com. First I tried to shrink it with a hairdryer but this took to long, Than I tried a lighter which worked perfectly.
    It's incredibly cheap for this quality.The price compensate the smell.
    Good deal, or shall I say "Extreme deal ;)"

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