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1m heat shrink

Buy a 1m heat shrink from DX.com! It's your best choice. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

1m heat shrink Customers Reviews

  • Value for your money

    posted by esabee

    +The price is a real bargain compared to other places.+Works just like one would expect (it´s a heat shrink tube).+Each tube is 1m long and you get five (5) different sizes. +Great if you like to do some DIY (repairs and/or soldering). +A really good alternative for electrical tape.+Black color.
    *The tubes came folded in two, tied with tape and in a plastic bag.*All tubes were black.*This is the package with the smaller size tubes, check out also the bigger sizes.*I used butane gas torch for shrinking without any issues.
    Buy it if you need it.
  • helpful

    posted by tiao001

    Simple and easy to use. You will need a heat source, heat gun, lighter or other. I prefer to use the heat gun or lighter. A source of flame, like a candle, can let a little dirty but it works well.
    I use to protect and isolate small circuit boards, ESC, etc... It is also used to insulate wire and cable splices. Other uses may appear, as suggested by other users.
    If you need to, buy. The price is reasonable. The result is very good.
  • Shrink you will

    posted by bigm1977

    it's work as expected
    it came in correct diameters to satisfy my demand
    cheaper than my local store.. same quality.
    so for me it's a good deal.
    would be nice if you add more sizes or colors
    I would definitely recomend this Tubing to a friend. For the price you can't go wrong and you'll have plenty leftover for any future projects or if you ever need to repair a damaged cable. Being 'Black' in color it's great to have around the house for most unexpected cable repairs, as opposed to being bright yellow.
  • Great heat shrink tubing

    posted by 1Smoke1

    I was looking for a long time for heat shrink tubing of this dimensions. I was very happy as i found them on DX. I ordered this perticular one- AWSOM!
    I used it for many thing. It s easy to use- cut it to lenght you need and shrink it with a lighter.it needs some time to shrink properly around an object,and its very hot after that. Don t heat it up on one place,but regular from one to the other and-so it s easier and the fnish is bether.:)
    I orederd it from DX becouse it was impossible to find it in my local stores.i did nt find it nowehre in Croatia-unveliveble!!!
    If you need it- buy it!!!! i recomend!!!!
  • Good value

    posted by HiVoltage

    - Low cost- Good quality (same stuff you would buy at your local electronics store)- Various thick sizes - you will always have the size you need!
    - While these are good as they are, it would be even better if they were lined with hot glue from the inside. Hot-glue-lined shrinking sleeves are would different product, but they're very convenient when it comes to thicker tubes. It would be nice if DX offered that option.
    Overall, these are well worth the price. You may want to buy them along with sku.23452 so you will have all the sizes available so you'll always find the size you need handy.

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