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1m hdmi cable

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1m hdmi cable Customers Reviews

  • Excellent HDMI cable

    posted by Geckx

    -Very cheap compared to HDMI cables in the local stores.-Delivers 1080p with PS3 on 60 Hz LCD TV.-Also no problem with my mini ITX pc playing a BRRIP at 1920x1080. -Ideal length, not too long to be inconvenient.-Delivers sounds nicely as well.
    Perfect for a PS3 or other console with HDMI output. Much better than the old RGB, you can see the difference with a Playstation 3.Make sure your television had at least 1 available HDMI input interface. (Not a problem with modern tv's)
    Very good product again, don't really see the point in buying a €20 one, it's exactly the same!
  • Great build but 1080p is not without issues.

    posted by Saiyajin

    This cable has great build quality for the price. It just like on the pictures. Nice.
    I don't really miss anything here at this point. It has gold plugs too, no too fancy design. What more can you ask? It comes in a clear plastic bag.
    I've read that some HDMI cables might having issues tranfering high resolutions over long distances. Normally it shouldn't be any case for cables under 15m. Unfortunately now I can't seem to get any picture with this cable with no highter than 1280x1024. It's not broken because when I lower the res. the picture comes back. Somehow this cable won't bring me stable Full HD. :/
    Can't say if I'm just unlucky here. Somehow it can't really handle Full HD as promised above and this even only for 3 meters. Shame. Still 3 meters was just about too short for me anyway, 10 $ is not big lost either. Build is still very nice. If you don't expect to use Full HD, this still a good cheap cable.
  • Good quality

    posted by almartor

    Cable is built with good quality and it fulfills all what you can expect from an HDMI cable. Works fine as HDMI v1.4 and I didn't find any issue on using this cable to connect my laptop to my A/V Receiver.
    It has gold plated connectors or at least the metal is golden, though I don't think this get an actual advantage and gold plated connecotrs for digital dignals are just marketing for people to spend money on them. Any metal which won't rust will serve in the same way.
    If you are looking for a HDMI cable, just select your lenght and HDMI version, and go for the cheapest. You won't get any difference.
  • good product

    posted by oosterhuisf

    This just works out of the box (as it should).Plug 'n play.
    This cable connects my secondary monitor. Other HDMI to DVI plugs might be a bit to wide to fit next to the normal DVI port.Before I had this cable, I had problems fitting both cables in at the same time.With this cable, I can fit both in easily.Also I don't like converter plugs that much, so I like this solution better.
    All together, this is a good product, for a reasonable price.
  • Nice genuine Sony cable absolutely worth the price

    posted by Ringyaj

    I bought this cable to connect an LCD TV with a digital set top box. Before this cable I was using the set top box with a scart cable and I was really unsatisfied with the results given the high price of digital cable subscription. Then I thought I give the HDMI a shot. Being a genuine Sony product, I thought quality is guaranteed and I was right. Colours became alive, details are sharp, motions are not edgy anymore. Build quality is great too.
    Would purchase again.
    Perfect choice if you need a short, high quality HDMI cable.


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