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You will be surprised our best 1m cable with an artful design and an amazing price. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

1m cable Customers Reviews

  • Not bad but does not fully work with iphone

    posted by bobby2011

    good price, clarity very good, mic not bad, very good for in the car talking headset it's not bad.
    Pay the extra $0.10 for the other headset with similar pictures.SKU: 133863
    SKU: 133863 - seems to work better than this one.too bad they don't have any other color, but maybe they'll have another with voice cancellation and a better mic
  • Simple and efficient

    posted by Williamfr56

    - a shutter release for a few bucks- lightweight- small : easy to add in a tripod bag- easy to use- B (bulb)- straight release- half push (for focusing for instance)- no battery, unlike wireless shutter releases
    It's wired. the wire has a good length, but of course you can't think about using it for self-portrait or group portrait (use the shutter delay).I have a wireless shutter release. You can find some for about the same price. But a wireless shutter release need battery and according to Murphy's rule, you run out of power just when you need it. Put such a wired shutter release in you tripod bag gives you assurance you'll always have it ready. And it's more reliable than cheap wireless shutter releases which sometimes need a few press to release correctly. Not good to catch the perfect moment.
    If you sometimes use a tripod, it's worth to buy this product because it's cheap and handy, whatever kind of pictures you do.
  • Good quality but the plug is too long

    posted by thingle

    - Good quality - Thick nylon cable so that it is well protected - Bright color so you can find it easier.
    Definitely your moneys worth. I can see no problems with the build quality on none of the three that I ordered.
    If you are always in need for cheap but reliable spare micro usb cables then these are a good choice. The micro plug might be a problem as it more easily bends when it is not flush against the phone.As most of the cables you get are often black, grey or white, these cables are very visible in cable bundles. You spot them immediately.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 USB Cable

    posted by hkhadim

    Works ok, a little flimsy and not too sturdy but get the job done. No real diff in charge time or data throughput to the PCDoesn't have the Samsung logo on it so hard to tell which side is right side up at times
    might be some better options on DX.com by now, but for the price can't hurt to have 2-3 of these kicking around the house/car/office
    good investment way cheaper than buying locally in Toronto; item normally costs over $20 here in Canada
  • Great build but 1080p is not without issues.

    posted by Saiyajin

    This cable has great build quality for the price. It just like on the pictures. Nice.
    I don't really miss anything here at this point. It has gold plugs too, no too fancy design. What more can you ask? It comes in a clear plastic bag.
    I've read that some HDMI cables might having issues tranfering high resolutions over long distances. Normally it shouldn't be any case for cables under 15m. Unfortunately now I can't seem to get any picture with this cable with no highter than 1280x1024. It's not broken because when I lower the res. the picture comes back. Somehow this cable won't bring me stable Full HD. :/
    Can't say if I'm just unlucky here. Somehow it can't really handle Full HD as promised above and this even only for 3 meters. Shame. Still 3 meters was just about too short for me anyway, 10 $ is not big lost either. Build is still very nice. If you don't expect to use Full HD, this still a good cheap cable.

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