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18650 zoom xm-l

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18650 zoom xm-l Customers Reviews

  • Great- really great

    posted by rkapell

    + very good bulit quality (alloy) of the Front Lamp+ Nice charging System - extremely small+ Ring for focusing works great+ bright light+ Mounting System seems to hold on the Bar properly
    I am using it on my MTB and it works perfectly even after smoe rough roads. The lamp is to big to have it in the under seat bag with the other things - you have to take it with you on purpose
    Great lamp, acceptable light for the backside.Buy it!
  • Good all-around light for everyday usage.

    posted by tarantila

    Build feels ok, zoom head slides easily, can be operated by one hand.Light throw in normal (non-zoomed) mode is from 1m about 1m on target. This gives very good overall lighting for example at forest. When zoomed, you'll get the image of the emitter (which is square), from 1m the square side length is about 15cm.This light does not have "normal" reflector, a convex lens is used to alter the light throw. Works well for flood light, but focused light is not that good.
    Clicky switch and tailcap can be replaced, big bonus for that. Means you can service the lamp without big effort. 14mm tailcap size. 22mm O-ring size.
    Great bang for the buck, just keep in mind that if you need good round-shaped focused light, this light might not be your choice.
  • Good value for price, mediocre build quality

    posted by YenyaKas

    It is a cheap and light zooming lamp with XML-U2 LED. The metal parts (lens and reflector) are well built. It works as described.Single battery case means it is light enough - the spare batteries can be carried in the backpack. No need to carry them behind your head.
    I bought this as a LED headlamp for night outdoor games, and I thought I may just use the mechanical parts and the LED, and replace the driver with my own. Which is probably what I will eventually do. So from this point of view, I am pretty satisfied with it.I am just a bit disappointed by the driver casing not being moisture-proof.I have designed and 3D-printed a diffuser for it in order to achieve wider beam for e.g. looking into the map during the night. I will eventually put the design for download to thingiverse. Watch my thingiverse account for the design:http://www.thingiverse.com/Yenya/designsThe reflector came with silver finish, not a black one with a silver ring as shown at the product page.
    Cheap, light and powerful headlamp for dry weather.
  • Great flashlight

    posted by sgtduckyboy

    Worked with ease! simple construction and batteries I purchased with it give it hours of life. I used it as a 'mood light' one night with a lady friend in a hotel with no dim lighting even! Sturdy built materials.
    Enjoying it when I use it! Grabs others attention and they ask about it everytime I use it.
    But it again and as a gift!
  • Great for riding!

    posted by Manguitom

    - It's so damn bright! Never had a light this bright, great for my cycling sessions on the morning/night.- It comes with battery & charger.- Lenses allow zooming in or out (you get a square led or a huge room-light circle).
    Maybe a side mounting kit would be useful. Power on/off lights up when connected to the battery
    If you want a stiff and bright light this is for you! Great quality build and all aluminum.

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