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18650 xm-l ultrafire

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18650 xm-l ultrafire Customers Reviews

  • Very good copy of branded flashlight, besides driver

    posted by MaofKO1990

    big surprises for me was: - square threads - forward clicky Build quality is very good, close to branded flashlights... This is best quality i've ever seen by Ultrafire. - TIR optics (better efficiency as reflector + glass) - strong clip, can be put in both directions - big o-rings - LED is centered well - deep knurling - anodized threads and tube - gold springs on both sides (driver, switch)
    nothing to say...
    Great copy of a branded flashlight in great gold color, but driver is 100% crap, must be replaced. I uploaded here also some photos.
  • Very good

    posted by RealFlyMan

    Flashlight very good... Very bright light... The flashlight appears to be resistant, has a good handle to put on the wrist, avoiding falling of the flashlight... Easy to use...
    I really liked the flashlight. My mother saw when asked to buy one for her too. Surely she'll buy another flashlight. I bought to use on my bike, and despite having needed to buy another adapter, the flashlight I guarantee a great night lighting on the trails ... Besides, of course, to help me see that car on the road and not run over me.
    Does not reach 800 meters as I ascpected. It has no automatic focus
  • Extremely bright

    posted by gnolivos

    -Extremely bright.
    -3 brightness modes.
    -Very good build.
    -Compact size.
    -Perfect beam pattern.
    First of all, let's get this out of the way. This thing is a light cannon. The brightest mode is so bright that I would classify this as extremely dangerous if aimed at anyone's eyes. I know this is always an issue, but with this light I feel like it is 3x brighter than even my brightest light. I am truly afraid of using it with kids around.
    The only issue I am having with this light is in the way that the 3 mode operates. If you turn ON, and then lightly tap the clicker, it will rotate between the 3 modes. This is true, as long as you click within a short period of time of each other. Where's the issue? If you turn it ON, and then turn it OFF within say, 3 seconds, it 'believes' you where cycling to the next mode. So when you turn it ON the next time, it is one level dimmer. However, this is not a problem if you turn it ON, use it for a while, then turn it OFF. In this case it remembers the last mode (High Medium Low) it was on. I'm pretty certain this is how it operates, although sometimes even under extended ON time, I think I have it power up under the wrong mode. (not entirely sure about this).
    A word about modes: The high is extremely bright. Medium is (subjectively) about 70% brightness. Low is (subjectively) about 20% brightness.
    Beam pattern is terrific. The center spot is rather large and hot, but it has a very nice large even fade out halo around it. There is not an abrupt transition between center spot and halo (I dislike it when that occurs), but rather you get the effect of a very large beam pattern with a hotter center region. I have other lights that have a smaller center hotspot, and a very faint halo - this is not ideal for my particular needs.
    Great light. not the cheapest here at DX, but terrific build and beam pattern. I think I would have preferred no modes at all, given the nuances about the mode cycling described above.
  • Seriously bright, well designed.

    posted by GraemeEvans

    Extremely bright smooth beam, fades from spot into spill without hard edge.Massive lighting rangeBrightness modes start on low and work up (much better than coming on in blindingly bright first!) Most of the time Low will be enough to cycle by.
    Good build quality, nice optics. Definitely around 1000 lumens, not sure about 1600 though... but thats compared to my other professional properly rated flashlights - Chinese lumens are apparently different. Its definitely as much light as you could want, think car headlight.
    Serious lighting power. Very compact. Nice beam pattern. Really pleased. The low-high instead of the regular high-low mode arrangement is refreshing. Additionally off is push and hold, so no need to cycle modes to find off, or off whilst changing brightness.
  • Small Sun - well deserved

    posted by cadocado

    Incredible amount of light. This will win the 'who's got the biggest' competition for a while. If your eyes are used to normal daylight, and you shine this baby into a darkened corner, you don't need to adjust - it is as bright as sunlight.I am fairly certain it is waterproof.
    It is so airtight that the zoom is sucked backwards because of air pressure. No kidding. It stays in place when I unscrew a cap, but with everything screwed on, the air pressure pushes the zoom back where it came from. This thing is airtight.
    I like. This is the ultimate flashlight for the time being.

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