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  • Amazingly bright high quality light

    posted by jgscott987

    First off, this thing is ridiculously bright. I don’t have anything that even comes close. Even on the lowest mode you can tail-stand this light and thoroughly illuminate a good-sized room. On high mode it reminds me of one of those million candlepower searchlights. I can fully illuminate a house that’s 150 yards away. I don't have any way of measuring lumens, but this is many times brighter than my Ultrafire 501B (SKU 44963) that's rated at 500 lumens. I can’t say enough about how bright it is. The build quality is excellent as well- it is solid as a rock, machined well, and has smooth lubricated threads. The deep brown with the red switch really looks sharp and different from all of the generic black flashlights out there.
    This beauty of a light really needs a name. Somehow, S1661501 just doesn’t roll off the tongue.
    Buy it. It's amazing.
  • Awesome powerful light!

    posted by Superzotnz

    Powerful light!
    The beam is awesome. Guaranteed to be seen by motorists. It's the light I've seen that changes NZ drivers' behaviour -- they actually slow down and behave well around this light. Definitely feel safer using this light. Some motorists even get angry, but then they'd probably find some other problem. DO have to shine the beam downwards when around pedestrians.
    Great light for a great price!
  • Excellent for cycling

    posted by radugns

    -very bright LED-very good zoom in/out-full aluminium -low bright on power button-long cable-long life battery on mid power (and even with mid power you have got enough brightness)
    -I will order another one and use on the same bike, one with big circle and one with small circle-maybe I will use LiPo batteries
    -If you want a nice, solid and very bright light buy this one!DO NOT BUY lights with no lens, the zoom in/out makes the difference !!
  • Nice compact dive light

    posted by miketsp

    Overall manufactured parts quality very good. Very nice feel to the magnetic switch. I liked the system of going to the left for the constant beams (although I didn't see a lot of difference in practice between Super bright > Hi > Mid) and to the right for the pulsed beams. I haven't dived with it yet but I feel a lot of confidence in the design.Best lanyard I've yet seen on a cheap dive light.
    Advertised as U2 led. Mine both came with T6. As far as I can see from the specs the difference is minimal.I bought a pair of these. After a bad experience with another light that I bought on DX that had been badly assembled and leaked on the first dive, the first thing I did was strip them down completely, lubricate the o-rings with silicone grease and rebuild them making sure the top seals were tight and well seated. One of the lights had a long metal shaving from the thread cutting process stuck up inside that could well have caused problems if I'd just stuck a battery in and gone diving.
    Great value light and very compact for a T6 led with 26650 battery.
  • Good value for price, mediocre build quality

    posted by YenyaKas

    It is a cheap and light zooming lamp with XML-U2 LED. The metal parts (lens and reflector) are well built. It works as described.Single battery case means it is light enough - the spare batteries can be carried in the backpack. No need to carry them behind your head.
    I bought this as a LED headlamp for night outdoor games, and I thought I may just use the mechanical parts and the LED, and replace the driver with my own. Which is probably what I will eventually do. So from this point of view, I am pretty satisfied with it.I am just a bit disappointed by the driver casing not being moisture-proof.I have designed and 3D-printed a diffuser for it in order to achieve wider beam for e.g. looking into the map during the night. I will eventually put the design for download to thingiverse. Watch my thingiverse account for the design:http://www.thingiverse.com/Yenya/designsThe reflector came with silver finish, not a black one with a silver ring as shown at the product page.
    Cheap, light and powerful headlamp for dry weather.

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