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18650 u2 Customers Reviews

  • Great small zoomable U2 flashlight

    posted by KenatSurrey

    This is a great small and compact flashlight. It is not as bright as my other T6 zoomable flashlight but it uses less amps to run. Zooming out is cover a large area, great to use when out camping
    I noticed that the led emitter was covered with dust but it was a easy fix. It would be great if it came with a strap.
    All in all, this is a great U2 flashlight for the price. I would recommend this flashlight to friends.
  • This flashlight is very nice.

    posted by Sandhoos

    Powered by one 18650 LiON accu it is remarkable small and compact.Only little heavier and bigger as a Single-AA-flashlight but built withexcellent emitter, high brightness and good runtime.Has rounded design, no edges and is very comfortable to carry in your pocket.Fitted O-rings on reflector glass and all threads to be waterproof.Has side switch to easily use with thumb or pointing finger when holding in your hand.Mode arrangment is High (1400mA), Mid (765mA), Low (250mA), fast-strobe, SOS-SOS and OFF.Note: The switch has no direct On-Off function.You always have to switch thru all five modes before switching off (!).The light is pretty bright in High mode at 1400mA.Very well corresponding with the XM-L U2 emitters high efficacy at this current.Providing a long runtime with no critical warming up.
    No sharp edges makes it easy to handle. Can tail stand and even been switched when tail standing.Will not roll off the desk.For its price its very useful and practical. I can recomend this item.
    For its price its very well built and practical. I can recomend this item.
  • Cree 600L Lights

    posted by Sheddie

    Good light and bright enough for mountain biking or road cycling.Probably no need for a brighter light as these are suitable for most people.
    I think if you get a more powerful light you get shorter battery life life so this model is a good compromise.
    Unless you are cycling in forest trails in total darkness this light will do. In fact it would do for forest night riding but I know a lot of guys always want the most powerful lights but they are not necessary. The longer battery life here is real plus.
  • Bright light in small package

    posted by Atomlite

    A very bright searchlight in a small package. Solid and well constructed and come packed in a nice box with extra O ring and landyard. Has the feel of a solid and compact light. The 5 leds give a smooth big hotspot with good side spill and shines between flood and throw. Nice white light and shines brighter than a standard car headlight. Gets very warm but not hot after prolong use. Can work with 1 to 4 18650 battery but recommended to use 4 for the extra juice. Switch from high, mid to off. To get to strobe press switch longer in any mode position and quick press again to return back to previous mode. This is desirable as it gives quick access to strobe when needed. The switch is easy to activate even with glove on. To prevent accidental turn-on loosen the body a little for a lock-out mode.
    This beauty at $40 is cheaper than many other lights of similar design. Get it if you want a compact bright light for general use.
    Good value for money. Highly recomended to get this light.
  • very light, quite bright

    posted by lippr

    very light, great for helmet, sticks well to helmet with small amount of sticky Velcro. Keep battery pack in backpack or back pockets. Batteries are double 18650's, so half the weight of regular 4 packs. Much better than the single 18650 flashlights in weight and brightness. The bike mount works very well and fits multiple handlebar widths.
    Liked it so much I bought a second. The first light had 8ft of cable, second light had just 4ft.
    My favorite DX light.


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