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18650 trustfire flashlight

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18650 trustfire flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Awesome flashlight!

    posted by sluggrits

    Great flashlight for the price. It has a large reflector assembly that makes it have a very tight spot size and long throw distance. Well built and good looking. Does not get hot after running for a while.
    If you're looking for something compact or lightweight, this is not the flashlight for you. If you want something akin to a spotlight, it works very well.
    I love this flashlight.
  • Perfect light for sperafishing.

    posted by FiDmVl

    Very good build quality. Good brightness, color and beam angle. Water Proof. Easy to Operate. Very good compression for more than a year of use, they have not lost their hold Properties of water from penetrating into the interior of the flashlight.
    For more than a year of use, never let me down. Use as lamp bolted to an underwater rifle, thanks to the large size and not very bright light, I think this lamp one of the best for this purpose.
    I would recommend it to anyone who zanimeetsya diving, fishing and underwater hunting. As a small pouch and waterproof flashlight with batteries 2x18650
  • Extremely, Insanely, Bright

    posted by Bikedawg

    Maybe the brightest light you can get for the price. Comes with a belt holder, and you can use 2 or 3 18650s (I didn't notice a difference in brightness, both were blinding). It comes with plastic sleeves so the 18650s do not rattle around, and extra O-rings. Quite a wide flood angle (probably around 30 degrees). Well manufactured (no burrs on the threads, good tight fit for the components).
    I bought this light as a replacement for a trail tech 30W HID lamp that is on it's way out. Since the HID lamp is dying (cuts out during a ride after it heats up and draws too much current) and the replacement cost is $75 for a lamp, I thought this cheaper option was worth trying. The HID is 1800 lumens. This light claims to be 6000 lumens (the flashlight has 8000 lumens printed on it), and I believe it delivers 6000 lumens. I compared it side by side with my trail tech light, and it blew it away. It was so much brighter, that I won't need to go higher than the "low" mode on a ride. With 3 18650s this light is almost 12 inches long, 2 18650s drops that to about 9.5 inches. I plan to experiment so that I can hook it up to an external LiPo pack.
    If you want a lot of light at a cheap price, this will give you it. Too bright for a "around the house" light, but if you camp, or enjoy night hiking or riding, this will give you plenty of light.
  • A lot of power

    posted by mpetersson

    A lot of light for the money, very strong. Great build quality, all metal and feels very sturdy. Good battery life, I have been using AA:s and they last long even on full power.
    A powerful torch with a few different modes.
    A great flashlight for the price. I have used it a lot since I received it, both indoors and outdoors. The reach is great and the battery lasts quite a long time even in cold weather. I would recommend this flashlight.

    posted by Fastgun

    Bright, very bright.18650 with protected end fits with no problem. I'm using: TrustFire Protected SKU 20392Extra O-rings (seals) with the package, beltholder for the flashlight includet.2 sizes on the flashlight, you choose 2 or 3 batterys with the extention tube for the handle.
    3 levels of brightness pluss 2 levels you don't need (SOS and strobe).
    Heavy, solid, bright and easy to use flashlight.Seam to me like a good quality flashlight.

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