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  • Adequate, with some flaws.

    posted by schepp

    It's a flashlight, and it works. 5 way switch and focus work fine. Quite bright, feels solid. Good enough to mountain bike through the woods at night with confidence when helmet mounted.
    On the high setting (or maybe the medium? not entirely sure) the light emitted is a square wave at 123hz. I don't find this particularly bothersome, but some might.
    For the price I paid, I'm fully satisfied, but it's definitely not as nice as my friends' 3 LED Magicshine or Amoeba.My main peeve, personally, is the beam pattern.I don't think this light is a bad choice, but I would definitely consider others.
  • Extremely, Insanely, Bright

    posted by Bikedawg

    Maybe the brightest light you can get for the price. Comes with a belt holder, and you can use 2 or 3 18650s (I didn't notice a difference in brightness, both were blinding). It comes with plastic sleeves so the 18650s do not rattle around, and extra O-rings. Quite a wide flood angle (probably around 30 degrees). Well manufactured (no burrs on the threads, good tight fit for the components).
    I bought this light as a replacement for a trail tech 30W HID lamp that is on it's way out. Since the HID lamp is dying (cuts out during a ride after it heats up and draws too much current) and the replacement cost is $75 for a lamp, I thought this cheaper option was worth trying. The HID is 1800 lumens. This light claims to be 6000 lumens (the flashlight has 8000 lumens printed on it), and I believe it delivers 6000 lumens. I compared it side by side with my trail tech light, and it blew it away. It was so much brighter, that I won't need to go higher than the "low" mode on a ride. With 3 18650s this light is almost 12 inches long, 2 18650s drops that to about 9.5 inches. I plan to experiment so that I can hook it up to an external LiPo pack.
    If you want a lot of light at a cheap price, this will give you it. Too bright for a "around the house" light, but if you camp, or enjoy night hiking or riding, this will give you plenty of light.
  • Outdoor flashlight

    posted by Kensasaki

    Very deep reflector because it is installed, the light will reach farther. Since using the SMO, the light will be concentrated in the center. It will be able to obtain a light spot considerably. When I light outdoors at night, It is fun. Is also easy to use, mode memory because with.
    Because it is a light spot, use scene is limited. This is not a flashlight use in narrow space such as in a room. It is recommended when using outdoors.
    Flashlight obtained using 1 × 18650, the light spot.
  • very durable but not much luminecent

    posted by roger2012

    this one is very heavy. For all trusfire i own, this is the one that is that heavy. It said 4 hours, i thing that this one can do 4 hours without being that HOT.
    the bulb light is not white but yellow. Very durable. The false diamond doesn't add anything more than being very womanly
    I recommand it, if you want you can remove the top cap, to be able to stand UP, it can light a whole room facing upside.
  • excellent flashlight!

    posted by rreche

    lights the torch with long distance and very strong! when you do not need all the power you can select one of three power positions. furthermore, has the function of strobe and sos. when off, the last position is stored in memory. well built body and material appearing to be of excellent quality.
    I got the flashlight poorly packaged, without any manual or reference type. the package was open, was actually a piece of cardboard wrapped the flashlight. expected better packaging for a product as good as this and at least one instruction manual
    for anyone who needs good lighting, this is the flashlight!


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