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18650 rechargeable

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18650 rechargeable Customers Reviews

  • It's a battery.

    posted by Tayrantula410

    It does what it's meant to. Non protected so it fits better in flashlights, haven't had any problems with over or under charging provided you buy a decent charger. Works well in my HA-III Cree R2, the storage is probably near what they claim.
    It's hard to fill these boxes with 500 characters about a battery. The battery is blue. It's large and fits in my flashlight. I like it. What more can I put in here?
  • Ok

    posted by jprigue

    the 18650 Rechargeable "3600mAh" Li-ion Batteries (Pair) are excellent products that want to use them in flashlights that offer this type of batteries because they have a great durability by having 1300mAh, and because they are rechargeable and can reuses them and do not pollute the environment...
    who want usala for the load will be consumed quickly recommend buying 2 to leave a charging and use the other
    really liked the product. in my view got an awesome cost x benefit with this battery...
  • Great batteries (Akkus)

    posted by jussi2K11

    High current output. Works well with current hungry Sky Ray King flashlight.
    I am using these in my Sky-ray king flashlight.Work is superb. I have not yet found out if the maximum discharge level where the circuit stops it from draing any lower voltage level. Just did destroy my Trustfire cell with Sky-ray king. Went to 0 Volts.
    Nice price for quality batteries. Must say Akku.I never, ever buy any akkus but Panasonic or Sanyo any more.ps. Never buy akkus without protection circuit !
  • Quite good 18650 batt!!

    posted by Agoenxz

    1.It works out of the box! 2. my flashlite become brighter than before with old batt.3. the charging time quite long time looks good means more capacity in it, hopefully!4. well package comes witk 1 carying case for 2x 18650 batts.5. comes with protection circuit.5 Quite worth its price!
    Price cud be bit better maybe ... :Dhope all is good with this 18650 batt
    Recommended Product! Buy it if u need 18650 batt, it has good capacity and its worth the price i guess
  • Works!

    posted by MJdub

    They work fine. I've had a pair for two years and they've worked fine in my 18650 flashlights. I only have two other kinds of 18650, but these seem to last a bit longer (I haven't done any kind of objective test).
    I've ordered a few more pairs of these since I know they work well. The price is very good compared to the other 18650s on DX, and that is saying a lot!
    I got these at first because they were very cheap. They ended up being very reliable so I'll be buying these from now on.

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