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You can buy cheap 18650 protected from us. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

18650 protected Customers Reviews

  • trustfire batteries

    posted by anglia05

    Good quality batteries, recommended to me by another dx customer. They power our spotlights for rabbit and possum shooting perfectly. I like the plastic case for storage etc. Keeping charged batteries in the case at home let's me know what ones are good to go
    These batteries work well. We slip them into a stock mounted bullet holder so we can replace them thru a nights hunting
    Great batteries for a great price
  • Worth it!

    posted by Azarmsguy87

    Inexpensive does not mean cheap. For the batteries and charger, it is a great deal. Came partially charged whichever as nice because my flashlight came in same shipment. Needed to test it before I did anything else, worked great and provided a massive amount of light.
    Decent quality for the money though there are higher Mah batteries out there, this set is great. Will be buying another set, as well as buying some of the same batteries separately to have a rotating stock.
    Worth a shot, provides almost the full amount of power needed for my ultrafire torch.
  • Excellent batteries, really!

    posted by TaaJau

    First of all - quality. Visually these are the highest quality batteries I bought here. They comes in a nice package and comes with a carrying box. Looks really reliable. Has built-in protection. Good capacity (I know that it's not quite 2800mAh, but still good)
    before purchasing, looking for information on the Internet about these batteries and found that they are built on a Sanyo 2600mAh cells. And they are really good batteries. Here you can buy the Sanyo and even a little cheaper, but adding $1.32 you can buy a more beautiful batteries with a nice carrying box.
    They do not have real 2800mAh and the price is quite high, but it still is a very good purchase! They are high quality and high capacity batteries (~2500mAh). So I'm willing to pay for them, because I know that they will not fail me.

    posted by navarro181

    only oneit is protectedit last the same as the ultrafire with flames
    i have bouht like 4, they work perfct
    if you just bought an 18650 flashlight buy one...my ultrafire C1 last about 4 hours(500 lumens) on high mode and my other 250 flashilight last about 6 hours--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Cheap Batteries

    posted by psifactor

    Nice and cheap, these little batteries come in a pack of two which is quite handy, for my flashlight (SKU 24354) these things have powered it for ~1hr fine without me noticing any dimming or diminishing of the beam.They charge fine in charger i also bought from DX, with the two of them it's great for a single battery flashlight as one can be in the flashlight as the other chargers, you practically never have a time without a charged battery ready to swap with.
    If you bought a flashlight and just realised it doesnt come with batteries (yes i did that xD) these are perfect, not too expensive so you still have some cash to buy other DX stuff.These batteries are protected (have a regulator built into the battery, underneath the wrapping) so they won't go frying anything.


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