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  • Excellent Purchase!

    posted by intelboy15

    1) It is a 2400mAh capacity battery.2) 2 batteries (@ ~$5 for one)3) PCB protection against overvoltage, overdischarge, and overcharge4) Build quality on par with major brand names
    I'll be using it to build a battery pack for a old cordless drill since I can't buy any Li-Ion battery packs for the drill.

    The larger size isn't much of a hamper, although it is much larger than I had expected (roughly double the volume of that of a standard AA). The high capacity is great and it has a PCB.

    I'm sure it'll be a great buy for those high-drain CREE and Luxeon LED lights (if you can get one to fit).
    Cheaper than any retail or online store in the U.S. for the same brand and quality battery. PCB equipped for about $5 a battery.

    Buy it if you need these 18650 batteries or want to build a battery pack out of them.
  • Nice and cheap protected 18650 batteries!

    posted by donpollo9

    They REALLY have a PCB protection circuit in it!Also they have a pressure valve on the positive side (the 2 holes).I use them for my SkyRayKing flashlight with 3x XL-L U2 LED's and it's bright like hell and the batteries last long!
    They come in a nice box, so you can store them in it!
    If you have a flashlight / laser and you need some protected 18650 batteries, buy them! But make sure the fit in your flashlight / laser...

    posted by emilcho86

    I ordered 4 of them, all worked ok, they arrived already charged (half capacity I guess), and they've been running for 1.30hs on a 500lumen flashlight I suppose after a full charge they will boast my light up to 3 hs without problems.
    They come with a plastic box for safe storage.
    If you need power and stamina buy these instead of cheaper batteries, you will not regret this purchase.
  • Good battery at good price

    posted by rikisub

    This battery is a good product at a fair price. No problem with the use and meets my requirements.
    No problem for charging using the correct power supply. I also think that the recharge times are adequate for this type of battery
    In the future if I need this type of batteries I'll purchase it again from this site. The material was properly arrived in an envelope with his plastic protection box.
  • Good batteries

    posted by rpm4567

    These are good off-brand batteries. I'm not sure about the total stated capacity of 3000mAh - I suspect they're less. But for the price, I think these are some pretty good batteries. They aren't too long, so fit in all my battery cases and flashlights just fine. I also like the fact that they're protected, which makes me feel a little safer using them.
    I've used these in flashlights as well as to power a Raspberry Pi, and they've worked just fine in both applications.
    Overall I would probably buy these batteries again.

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