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18650 lithium Customers Reviews

  • Good Lithium battery charger

    posted by Arhiteus

    - charge current is truly 500 mA(actually ~475);
    - stops charging when battery voltage is 4.2 V(actually 4.18-4.23V);
    - can charge almost all sizes of li-ion batteries;
    The only really con is this strange hum when charger is powered but no cell inserted or charging complete. Maybe it's nothing serious, but i prefer pay some attention to charger during charging process.
    If you need universal charger with not very high charge current... This is what you need, i think!
  • Not the best quality charger

    posted by schiang

    This 2x18650 battery charger works as it suppose to work.Works on AC 100-240V and DC 12V (carplug included).The AC plug on the back is a bit flimsy, but it works and is compact.
    Not the best quality for the prices I think.
  • Good value for money

    posted by KentS

    Large capacity. Runs a regulated SSC p7 on 2.8A for about 80 minutes going fron 4.1V to 3.4V. The ones I received has a small bulge at the negative side indicating protection circuit. I haver not tested if the over discharge protection works.
    Hard to beat capacity for the amount paid. Since the capacity seems not to be overly exaggerated I'll probably go with Trustfire batteries the next time too.
  • Good lastig batteries

    posted by Bertsjuhn

    Nice quality, long lasting batteries.
    I bought two sets which I use often in a few of my flashlights (also from DX) and they work great.
    Never had any problems with these.
    Nice quality, long lasting batteries for a good price.
    Would recommend these to everyone who is searching 18650 cells.
  • Single Size Charger

    posted by Alejo

    If you only use 18650 Lithium batteries this is probably a good buy. There are about 6 different 18650 battery chargers listed in DX. Maybe a good idea to read all of the specs and reviews first? But for cheap this one has worked well for me because when I travel I only take flashlights using this size battery and the charger is small enough to easily fit luggage and I do not need 4 different chargers that only charge one specific size etc. If you are going to be charging a variety of sizes and NI MH and other types you could even use a one cell at a time battery charger like SKU 47499. The choices are unlimited and really depend on how many different kinds of batteries you are using and how often you need to charge them.
    I read that it is a tight fit with some batteries. I use only protected 18650's and while the spring is almost crushed they all fit OK.
    If you only use 18650 batteries and do not need to charge them often: this works.


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