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18650 lithium Customers Reviews

  • excellent charger

    posted by danieneto

    excellent charger* Low value* Resistant* good aperencia* resistant power cable* used to load a TF-18650 3.7v TRUSTFIRE good marriage.* LED flashes (green and red) when it is charging and green when it is fully charged.Tradução p/ Portugues :Excelente carregador*baixo valor*resistente* boa aperencia*cabo de força resistente*usado para carregar um TF 18650 3.7v TRUSTFIRE- bom casamento.*led pisca (verde e vermelho) quando esta carregando e fica verde quando esta totalmente carregado.
    Decrease could have the negative terminal to recharge RCR 123 or 16.340.Tradução p/ Portugues :Poderia ter recuo do terminal negativo para carregar baterias RCR 123 ou 16.340.
    used to load a TF-18650 3.7v TRUSTFIRE good marriage.tested the voltage on the multimeter consisted after fully charged: 4.15 v to 3.7v 18650 battery TF TRUSTFIRE.Excellent buy.Tradução p/ Portugues :usado para carregar um TF 18650 3.7v TRUSTFIRE- bom casamento.testado a voltagem no multimetro constou apos totalmente carregado : 4,15v para a bateria TF 18650 3.7v TRUSTFIRE. Excelente comprar.
  • Good 18650

    posted by Bulgina

    Lithium-ion rechargeable battery UltraFire format 18650.Lity-ion batteries (Li-ion) are used in most modern electronic devices, including LED flashlights. They have high energy density, no memory effect, virtually no discharge over time and does not require any special maintenance. Protected batteries are different from the usual ones that are embedded board protection against short circuit, overcharge and overdischarge.
    This protected batteries can be charged not only with a special charger, but also by any battery charger providing voltage 4.2V.
    If you exceed the voltage circuit will automatically shut off the charge.
  • good multi battery charger

    posted by ziadau

    -cheap price
    -seems decent quality. the edges match up and feels smooth.
    -after reading other peoples comments i shook it to see if i could hear any loose items... and nope no sound.
    -also unlike others mine does not hum or make any noise, either when charging or when fully charged.
    -the spring is firm... but not overly so.
    maybe i got a good one, or the quality has improved. but i have no complaints and find it very good
    Very Good
  • lithium iron phosphate battery

    posted by darkjacky

    The capacity is 1350mAh. (it actualy is)The maximum discharge rate is good. (~5.5Ah)They are the same size as a normal 18650 battery.If you put them in a serie of 4 you get the same voltage as a car battery. (with a lot greater voltage range 8.8v-14.4v)
    i had ordered 8 and put them into SKU 103855.all seemed fine until i checked the volage of them 1 row of battery's was fine the other had a dead one. 2 battery's were on 4.8volt 1 on 0 and 1 on 3.4. so i discharged the onesat 4.8 to 3.4 and they seemed to be ok. after about 1 week i checked those battery's again and there was another one dead. however the overvolted battery seemed to be as good as the normal one.
    if you are looking for a battery to replace an 18650 battery there should be no problem with these. they have a good capacity and discharge rate.
  • Protected cells at an attractive price.

    posted by SirJMD

    The cells comes nicely wrapped, so they wont get damaged during shipping.- Excellent price for two batteries.- Protected cells!- Comes pre-charged (most likely charged, due to the chemical process, when they were manafactured)
    Rather see some cells with an accurate capacity label - at least DX says that its not to be trusted.
    Decent cells for the price!


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