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18650 lithium charger

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18650 lithium charger Customers Reviews

  • All the best!

    posted by DesertEagle50AE

    The charger works fine!
    It does NOT overcharge the batteries! I measured the current: It starts with about 600mA and slows down when the accumulator reaches the 4.2V level. And at 4.2V it cuts off!
    So you can leave the batteries for some hours in the charger, even if they are unprotected!
    Also it looks quite solid. I opened it and some of the inner solderings could be done better, but it works fine!
    You can charge every round lithiumbattery with it...from 10440 to 18650!
    They could have given a second power cable with the european plug with it, so europeans don't have to buy an adapter for using it!
    One of the cheapest allround-lithium-battery chargers you can find!
    If you need one, buy this!
  • Super! Good universal charger for home and car.

    posted by Pelato

    It is works in 220v network voltage and in my car (via 12v adapter). When the accumulators are charging LEDs are red, when charging complete - green. Work fine in my car - LEDs work too!The charging time of two UltraFire Protected 18650 3.7V "2600mAh" is about 4 hours.
    It would be not bad, if it would cost cheaper.For the connection of EU and RUS socket you need in adapter.
    The quality is good. Work fine.
  • Generally fine, but ...

    posted by Tooma

    The charger is cheap, fairly properly made. The power cord is long enough, and the two-color LED indicates green light end of charge.
    The description should be a clear indication that it is a single-channel charger. Pictures can be deceiving.
    If you have enough single-channel charger, can I buy it. Otherwise - Search for another.
  • excellent charger

    posted by danieneto

    excellent charger* Low value* Resistant* good aperencia* resistant power cable* used to load a TF-18650 3.7v TRUSTFIRE good marriage.* LED flashes (green and red) when it is charging and green when it is fully charged.Tradução p/ Portugues :Excelente carregador*baixo valor*resistente* boa aperencia*cabo de força resistente*usado para carregar um TF 18650 3.7v TRUSTFIRE- bom casamento.*led pisca (verde e vermelho) quando esta carregando e fica verde quando esta totalmente carregado.
    Decrease could have the negative terminal to recharge RCR 123 or 16.340.Tradução p/ Portugues :Poderia ter recuo do terminal negativo para carregar baterias RCR 123 ou 16.340.
    used to load a TF-18650 3.7v TRUSTFIRE good marriage.tested the voltage on the multimeter consisted after fully charged: 4.15 v to 3.7v 18650 battery TF TRUSTFIRE.Excellent buy.Tradução p/ Portugues :usado para carregar um TF 18650 3.7v TRUSTFIRE- bom casamento.testado a voltagem no multimetro constou apos totalmente carregado : 4,15v para a bateria TF 18650 3.7v TRUSTFIRE. Excelente comprar.
  • Charges batteries--if they fit.

    posted by glaw2008

    It is affordable and somewhat easy to use (if you can get the cell into it--see the cons for more information).
    The indicator lamp on the unit will light if it is plugged into the wall or if a cell is in it. It would be nice if the indicator would blink if the cell was charging and stay steady when it was charged (or something like that).
    I have two of these chargers and will likely be modifying one of them to see if I can get my cells to fit nicely, otherwise I'll be buying a different charger.

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