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18650 lithium battery charger

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18650 lithium battery charger Customers Reviews

  • Generally fine, but ...

    posted by Tooma

    The charger is cheap, fairly properly made. The power cord is long enough, and the two-color LED indicates green light end of charge.
    The description should be a clear indication that it is a single-channel charger. Pictures can be deceiving.
    If you have enough single-channel charger, can I buy it. Otherwise - Search for another.
  • Really good charger

    posted by devmind

    - Good build quality- High charging current -> your batteries are charged faster- The best choice for flashlights powered by one 18650 battery- Two-colored charge process indicator- Cable makes easy to find appropriate position for the charger
    I've bought two chargers more than 1.5 years ago. They just work without any problems. I use them with SKU 3529 (euro plug convertor).
    It's a good choice for that price. Especially if you need to charge only one battery at the same time.
  • Good charger for the price

    posted by hondagourou

    Nice case, slim and efficient.
    Come with a power cord. (look very cheap but i change it with a bettter one)
    The diode show the state of use. (charging and done)
    4.2V end of charge. Don't check the current or charging voltage.
    It may be better but do the job very well.
    Single cell.
    Very good for the price. Match with the cell from the same manifacturer. The led flash to green to show you the charger check the state of charge wile charging.
  • Good Charger, Good Price

    posted by Badot

    It charges your batteries. Hasn't overcharged them, hasn't undercharged them, and works fairly quickly. Good build quality, and no problems whatsoever so far.
    I got this since I got TrustFire batteries, I figured if the brands matched I should have absolutely no problems. None so far, so I suppose I was right.
    Will buy again, recommend to friends, etc. It's served me well and is still running, definitely worth the price I paid for it.
  • Not the best quality charger

    posted by schiang

    This 2x18650 battery charger works as it suppose to work.Works on AC 100-240V and DC 12V (carplug included).The AC plug on the back is a bit flimsy, but it works and is compact.
    Not the best quality for the prices I think.

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