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18650 light Customers Reviews

  • Good value for price, mediocre build quality

    posted by YenyaKas

    It is a cheap and light zooming lamp with XML-U2 LED. The metal parts (lens and reflector) are well built. It works as described.Single battery case means it is light enough - the spare batteries can be carried in the backpack. No need to carry them behind your head.
    I bought this as a LED headlamp for night outdoor games, and I thought I may just use the mechanical parts and the LED, and replace the driver with my own. Which is probably what I will eventually do. So from this point of view, I am pretty satisfied with it.I am just a bit disappointed by the driver casing not being moisture-proof.I have designed and 3D-printed a diffuser for it in order to achieve wider beam for e.g. looking into the map during the night. I will eventually put the design for download to thingiverse. Watch my thingiverse account for the design:http://www.thingiverse.com/Yenya/designsThe reflector came with silver finish, not a black one with a silver ring as shown at the product page.
    Cheap, light and powerful headlamp for dry weather.
  • Excellent Bicycle Lamp!!!

    posted by renatoluizlopes

    Excellent Bicycle Lamp!!! It really solved my problem in my nightly rides. I had bought one before, but too bad, it couldn't illuminate enough... but this one is waaaaayy better... it explain itself why one cost U$5.00ish and this one cost U$37... it worth it, no doubt. It capable to illuminate well a great area, good material, easy to use, and runtime over 3 hours using High light mode... perfect for me.
    I made an adaptation to use it in the helmet. But very good to use it on the handlebar as well.
    I recommend it.
  • Recoil flahslight with throw

    posted by lasermanathome

    As expected , the recoilflashlight give much throw wiht almost no spill.The R2 is not driven to the max, possibly while the cooling is a little bit less than other systems.For its luminous output the throw is magnificent.The quality of the material and the optical mirror is high grade.It is a little bit like the WO2 spotlights, used to look for airplanes, the small lightsource gives almost all energy backwards to an optical highgrade mirror ansd so the divergence is small.Becaus the absensen of spill it is possible to look far in the dark, normally the spille overclasses the light comming back from far distances.So these special flashlights reach far and do not blind you with their own spill, so several hundreds of meters are no problem.
    Maybe it is possible to make a a focussing possibility, that makes this flashlight more suitable for any situation.The R2 may be replaced with a r5 wich gives a round spot, not a squaire one and the output in lumens can be higher, now it is about 150 lumens
    Nice, very special flashlight made of good quality.The far throw and almost no spill makes its purpose limited but in some case like inspecting holes, the spill wich normally can blind further objects, visuable.Certainly worth the money.
  • Best buy for a torch with 2 batteries

    posted by linusabh

    This torch is a copy of the Fenix TK 35 ... to say it clearly. In comparison, the quality of the body, the features and the output ANSI-Lumen are very similar compared to the original. Pros:* Very compact compared to other 2-battery torches* Very great light between thrower and flooder* Very great mode clickies (2 buttons with hidden strobe)* 1/3 of the price of the original
    If you are looking for a great torch with * 2 batteries (double time of shining than 1 batterie)* Output around 700 ANSI Lumen (maybe little less than the original)* Great quality of body ... maybe less LED-quality* 1/3 of the price of the Fenix TK35than this is the best torch to go for
    I have not seen any better light-output on any single-battery-torch here on DX.This is by far the best torch compared to price, quality and light output.But if you look for a more compact size with just 1 battery, than go for * XTAR WK35 (ca. 30€) or* Bronte X03 (ca. 30€)
  • D109 Cree XP-E R2 270lm

    posted by fe900571

    Great quality, solid construction. The flashlight does not feel cheap. Good grip. It's perfect to use as a bike headlight. The threads came lubricated (thumbs up).
    Tha't the second one I'm buying. I'm using it as a headlight for my bike. It's definitely worth it.... buy it. Excellent gift for a friend.
    It does the job for a U$10.80 flashlight. Good quality and cost for a product like this. I've never dropped mine so I can't say if it will stand and minor fall.

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