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18650 led Customers Reviews

  • Very powerful flashlight

    posted by jon777

    Decent build quality. Finish is a little rough but solidly built.Wide and deep smooth reflector throws a large hotspot very far. Takes a 26650 battery which has a large capacity.
    Very happy with this purchase as it's my brightest and furthest throwing flashlight and I have quite a few XM-L lights.
    Definitely pick one up before it's discontinued, changed or the price goes up.
  • Outstanding charger

    posted by apelsalo

    Outstanding quality and solid look product.The charger has a USB power output connector, that is most popular charger connector now.Power-in connector is "big" Nokia, that is very useful too.Inside can be inserted standart popular Li-ion 18650 cells. 18650 cells can be easy replaced by another ones, so charger must have a very long service term.Charger can charge 18650 cells itself.18650 cells connected parallel, so it can contain 1, 2, 3 or 4 cells. So Its no need to insert all 4 cells.Charging is quick.
    It has a huge of power capacity and very useful.
    Its mine one of the best buy on DX.
  • SUPERB torch, great light...

    posted by kac1973

    this item is absolutely great. I bought this one and leave it in my car so when I drop my keys or need to do something in the dark I see perfectly, better than the light form the car's lights itself. highly recommended item, easy on batteries, superb light.I would not buy another type again even if this one does burn your eyes out - joking of course, Very easy on batteries a great torch. Loved it so much ordered another in case I did have trouble bu they work perfectly
    I bought another and have had no issues with either one
    Need a cheap high quality torch this is the one.
  • Good quality

    posted by Seppe87

    Very bright light, a lot of lumen. It kind of surprised me when I used it for the first time. The metal build makes it feel tougher (no idea if this is actually so, so don't take my word for it).
    Other people mentioned their dislike about the fact that the flashlight always starts with the high strength beam and not with your last setting. This is true, but it doesn't hinder so much that it should keep you from buying this.
    Good buy!
  • This IS the king!

    posted by consoleman2

    I own a 3 x XM-L T6 flashlight and was impressed of the brightness. But this 3 x XM-L U2 has about 20% more light output! Also it is very compact and fits perfect in my hand.I absolutely recommend bying this item
    If you want a very bright flashlight that is also compact, this is the deal
    nice packaging and a spare ring. A chinese only manual, but no problem, you wont need it

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