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18650 headlamp Customers Reviews

  • Very bright headlamp

    posted by rsaajora

    This headlamp is very bright and it is still very light. Headband is comfortable.Rechargeable battery is a bix advantage.
    I hope the joint between lamp and headband won't get loose in a long run, even when the temperature turns colder (-25 C)...
    Price vs. features is excellent, this is a best buy!
  • Good deal...

    posted by Marianeitor

    Very good LED, focus is smoth and very efective, concentrate the light at very long distance. Is very light and confortable to use, I used about 2 hour and was very very cool.
    Light, confort, very powerfull, only need correct the click on/off to adjust position.
    The box suffer a lot in the travel, but the flashlight was intact.
  • Seems pretty good

    posted by greenlight

    I like that it uses either 3 X AAA or 1 X 18650.
    That larger battery is such a good battery. I've been using it in my 900 LM flashlight, and they never seem to die. So, for a headlight, it seems like a really good choice. Haven't test it for endurance though.
    It has a nice focus ring with a good, positive feel to it.
    It is good that it has low and high intensity. Both would be useful according to need. The flash is slow, and not useful for me.
    The light seems to be a bit high when in the upper position, but you can lower it to point to mid or lower position with three clicks and some play between each. I haven't tested it under many conditions, but it seems it will work well to enable light to be adjusted as needed.
    There is a two prong input or output, probably output, on the battery case. No indication what it is for. The rubber cover is already lost, but might find it.
    The post says 230 LM, the box says 160 LM. But it seems plenty bright enough. And those ratings never seem to be accurate anyway.
    There is a very low energy fashing light that fires to the rear. Not exactly sure of the point of it. It would be visible from some distance to anyone behind you. It also indicates there is a battery installed. So far I don't see a switch to turn it off.
    I think it is worth the money.
  • Good product

    posted by TTTT8

    very good brighteness wich allow us to run or ride at more than 30km/h by night without problem.
    I bought about twenty of this headlamp for me and friends. Every bodies's satisfied of the product. We use it for activities like run, ski and mountain bike.
    Good product overall
  • battery is dud

    posted by effgee

    Nice bright light. Reasonable finish quality.
    Disappointing to only get 2 days use before having to service this brand new product to get it working.
    Great lamp let down by crappy battery pack.


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