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18650 flashlights q5

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This is our best 18650 flashlights q5, they all share a great design and great prices. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. 18650 trustfire flashlight or flashlight 3w 18650 contains many hot and popular products. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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18650 flashlights q5 Customers Reviews

  • Nice compact flashlight

    posted by hyperspace

    - Solid anodized theads- Thick O-rings of good quality, but non-lubricated- Compact- Nice design and build quality- Well done sturdy clip, may be reversed- Effective heat-dissipation (Led stands directly on alloy part of the head), flashlight becomes warm after 1-2 minutes in high mode
    Lens fit only to XP-E diodes, remains some space and lens was dangled when I tried to install the XP-G led there
    Cool host for custom flashlight, quality of built close to branded flashlights. Driver and switch are poor and ned need to be replaced. Recomend for its price, but need some modificatoins to get cool flashlight.
  • Good little flashlight

    posted by nikebg

    Good cheap flashlight. Small size, zoom effect, really bright and uses 18650 battery for a long runtime.
    The original lens rubber o-ring was too tiny and the lens was moving. I replaced the ring and now it's good.
    The flashlight has it's cons but for the price it's great!
  • really nice

    posted by navarro181

    last about 6 hours on high modereally good light flowtactical crownlooks really good
    i have 2 18650 flahlights and thise is the one i prefer the most
    buy it, you wont regret it---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Good quality

    posted by Seppe87

    Very bright light, a lot of lumen. It kind of surprised me when I used it for the first time. The metal build makes it feel tougher (no idea if this is actually so, so don't take my word for it).
    Other people mentioned their dislike about the fact that the flashlight always starts with the high strength beam and not with your last setting. This is true, but it doesn't hinder so much that it should keep you from buying this.
    Good buy!
  • Very Good Light

    posted by stringbendr

    I got this because it has a larger and deeper reflector for a little more distance. The beam is narrow so it does focus more intensely at distant objects. The build quality is good and it fits protected 18650 Ultrafire batteries just fine.
    My current standing favorite "spotlight" is the Romisen RC-G4. SKU# 7418 even after trying out the UF-C8.

    The C8's narrow beam creates a smaller, slightly brighter hot spot at 250 feet than the RC-G4. However, the RC-G4 beam is a little wider with almost the same intensity on the same objects.
    Over all the C8 performs well, but not as well as I had hoped. The G4 remains my favorite.

    The C8 is about 3/8" larger in diameter than the G4 so it's a little bulky to carry. Fits perfectly in the "large Flashlight Holster" SKU# 1152.

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