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18650 flashlight

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase 18650 flashlight here and you can save money at the same time. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. Browse the products from 18650 flashlight cree, or some other related Pages like 18650 flashlights memory. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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18650 flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Bright, but some issues

    posted by qupada42

    Bright. Very bright.Wide beam with large centre hotspot (much more of a flood than a throw).Glow in the dark front gasket and rear power button.Removable wrist strap (mine didn't come with the split ring in the pictures, the clip was directly through the hole in the light).
    Could do without the blinking mode, perhaps replaced with a low - the mid is not really much dimmer than the high.
    Decent amount of light for the money, not faultless but no particularly fatal flaws.
  • Good purchase

    posted by gorodonline

    Excellent build quality, 5 modes: 100%, ~50%, ~10%, fast strobe, slow strobe. Very bright light and prolonged working time.
    as for me, this flashlight is a best solution of bike light by it's price
    I'm very satisfied with this flashlight, build quality and light is high, and price is low. If you need bright light for biking/hunting, I can recommend it to you.
  • Best value 18650 flashlight on DX

    posted by mailoo

    One of the cheapest 18650 Cree lights on DX. It is noticeably brighter than my x2000 flashlight. This light is almost as bright as my XM-L T6 based flashlight, even though that one is rated at 900lm and this one is rated at 350lm.
    The flood-zoom function is extremely nice, it should be included on all flashlights. My light came with a carrying strap, belt holster, 18650 extension tube and AAA adapter. If you're going to buy a cree light, don't waste time and money on AA and AAA battery lights, go for 18650. The runtime is longer and they recharge better, saving you money in the long run. This light is very nice because you can still use AAA in case of an emergency.
    Best value flashlight on DX. You can buy a starter setup with everything you need including this light, 2x18650 batteries and an 18650 battery charger for under $20.
  • Very nice torch, I love it

    posted by apsheronets

    — Small and handy.
    — Very bright for its size.
    — Zooming lens is a very, VERY useful stuff. You'll like it.
    — AAA adapter makes it omnivorous. I use my NiMH AAA batteries to power it, because I'm too lazy to buy 18650.
    — 3 modes is enought for everyone! Fast strobe mode + throw lens position make a great tool to annoy your neighbors.
    — Has a clear beam spot.
    — Nice build quality. I dropped it on concrete in first day — no catastrophic failures, just a hardly visible scratch on the case.
    I used this flashlight just for a few days, but there are no any reviews yet, so I publish my own.
    Very nice as an universal everyday torch. It even better than I expected.
  • Nice compact flashlight

    posted by hyperspace

    - Solid anodized theads- Thick O-rings of good quality, but non-lubricated- Compact- Nice design and build quality- Well done sturdy clip, may be reversed- Effective heat-dissipation (Led stands directly on alloy part of the head), flashlight becomes warm after 1-2 minutes in high mode
    Lens fit only to XP-E diodes, remains some space and lens was dangled when I tried to install the XP-G led there
    Cool host for custom flashlight, quality of built close to branded flashlights. Driver and switch are poor and ned need to be replaced. Recomend for its price, but need some modificatoins to get cool flashlight.

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