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18650 flashlight t6

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase 18650 flashlight t6 here and you can save money at the same time. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. flashlight 18650 16340 and 18650 flashlight cree are the hottest keywords that customer use. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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18650 flashlight t6 Customers Reviews

  • Great value and quality overall

    posted by wsdfghseh

    This is a very solidly built flashlight with good runtime and excellent brightness, ease of use and features. It sits very nicely in the hand, and isn't as large as I thought it would be to hold 6x 18650 batteries. I'm really impressed by the aesthetically pleasing finish of the torch body and screw threads, and can't spot any defects. Shipped to New Zealand in 14 days. Has oiled o-rings for a bit of water proofing but I haven't tested that. 4-led battery charge indicator is a plus. Head is large and chunky to dissipate heat. T6 LEDs are under driven which presumably means they're running at near highest efficiency to prolong battery life and reduce heat.
    I purchased Soshine s1-max v3 18650 4 channel fast (1000mA) charger with this which seems to perform very well (SKU 173198). The "Ultrafire BRC 3600mAh" (1000mAh actual) batteries I purchased (SKU 50486) work well, but I should have spent an extra $2 per pair and got 2000mAh batteries instead.
    Excellent value torch at this price. Will last along time assuming the driver circuitry holds up.

    posted by vambreace

    powerful and very bright. acceptable thrower with good side split. the focused beam can reach like 250 or 300 meters. after 15 minutes if barely get warm. good for the price has a decent rum time in 50% output mode
    on the five modes are only tree useful the rest is a waste of engineering. mode output 1-100%, mode 2-50%, 3-25% and the strobe and sos. skip them i don't see any use
    good for the price. some bulky! you can't carry in a pocket but for the light output the size is acceptable. you can go with him in a back pack or in your car
  • Grealight for cheap price

    posted by Petony

    -Small and rugerized flashlight.-If his output isn't 1000lm is near to it(I don't know because I don't have a lumenmeter)-Water resistant is good for me and for another adventurous persons(but I am unwiling to put on water).-The crown can be unmounted for cleaning that is really a good thing when the lens have sand or water.-Switch cap glows in the dark for a long time,in night is really useful to switch on with this feature. Also if this flashlight drops from your hands,you also can see where is it.
    It really worth the money also is on discount from 15.37$ to 10.27$ hurry! Its a great deal :)
    Great flashlight,it outputs a great beam that covers high distance and flows on rainy nights.For this price I would buy another for my dad.Its a good choice.
  • Real quality item, just as described.

    posted by Soorin

    Double-sealed,flexible use (1 or 2 18650), very good led. Stabilized driver with 5 modes. Properly packed as on the pictures. And there NO any (weak) batteries! No overprice for them, luckily.
    Comparable with famous "Catapult" flashlight which is 8 times more expensive
    I plan to buy some more flashlights like this - as a gifts for real friends. And a charger like Imax B6.
  • Good EDC flashlight

    posted by ThunderVG

    + Compact size+ Bright+ Durable! Large buttress thread everywhere, thick O-rings of good quality (lubricated!)?
    Does anyone know, why the flashlights always has blinking mode? I've never used it, and I never saw anyone to use.
    I am very satisfied with this flashlight!

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