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18650 diving t6

These cool 18650 diving t6 are high quality and at affordable prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

18650 diving t6 Customers Reviews

  • Good (divers) flashlight

    posted by balkibalki

    Good product, can be compared with much more expensive lamps. Dimmer work fluent from 0-100%Smaller head diameter better protect glass during spearfishing.
    I already have similar 140986 for more then year ago and still work fine. I caused small edge damage of glass but no leaking (dives up to 20m). Now I ordered 31882 as solution.If you disassemble laptop battery you will have more batteries then needed;-)Charger to buy: 12594
    I can recommend this lamp to all spearfishing free divers.Lamp also can be used for home and outdoor sports. I use it also for MTB XC night rides and this is reason why textured reflector will have better flood...
  • Great product!

    posted by emihackr97

    These little flashlights work great, they are samll and durable and give a lot of light! I use them for diving, and they are rated for 30 meters, but I have used them up to 40 with no problems at all, plus the battery lasts very long, enough for 2 dives each.
    These are great, I already bought 8 of them (for diving) and they are highly recommended, they come with 2 o-rings, so they are very reliable underwater, they feel very well constructed.
    They have a stainless steel bezel that is quite sharp ( I once accidenatlly cut myself with it underwater) , and it is supposed to be removeable, but it is almost impossible to remove.
  • great rubust little torch

    posted by ae25nz

    Nicely made, compact, robust, bright, easy to use. Doesn't get too hot at full power.Its my favourite little torch to keep in the car door etc.
    As with any waterproof torch, keep an eye on the oring condition at every battery charge if using it around water.
    An excellent little torch for anything except deep water.
  • flashlight for every situation

    posted by lasermanathome

    nice, small and reliable divers-flashlight wich is also handy for common use.This diverslight has 2 brightness modes and one strobe, wich is for signing that you are in trouble very handy.The low mode is less than half (about 20% estimated) and gives a still usable amount of light for a long period of time, at full power the 2200mAH 18650 battery lasts for less than one hour but that amount of light is often not needed
    For all what you get (charger, divinglight , battery and velcron tape)this is a real bargain.It is possible that a PMMA does not allow cooling enough to operate the cree t6(0) at full power, this light uses the reflector ithselve as extended cooling, what makes that the t6 will not become overheated.Some tests I did with t6 on a star (batwing) and only cooling from behind and a reflector wich recoils the energy partly on the t6 did demolish the t6 very fast, so it is from utmost importance to keep the (own created) heat from the cree away, this led can barely be cooled with a star and other cooling, backfired heat will kill the t6faster than you can say the alphabeth!!I was so stupid to make that mistake two times.
    NNice, small optimised led DIVERSflashlight.It will be difficult to find something better certainlyfor the costs of it.Because it is completely weatherproof you can use it anywhere.Take a second charged battery with you, at full power you have about 3/4 of an hour.
  • behtir

    posted by behtir

    Possibly the best flashlight on Deal-extreme for $17!!! Aluminum head, 3 o-rings, solid construction, comes with wrist-lanyard, BRIGHT VERY BRIGHT (made me go 'WHOLY ***' when I first powered it up) Brighter than my Olight M20-X Warrior 500 lumen tactical flashlight and nearly a 1/10th the price with a 60 metre waterproof rating!!! Also, my light has 3 light settings (Dealextreme advertises only one setting?) light has High-beam, Low-Beam, and Strobe! (cycles thru the settings as you twist the head on and off) Works with CR123's no problem as well.
    I think the two modes would be just right.
    A good buy, worth the money

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