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18650 battery charger

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18650 battery charger Customers Reviews

  • Very well charger for all li-ion batteries

    posted by umutkose

    -Very Fast Charging-Supports nearly all kind of li-ion batteries-Works both 12 VDC and 220 VAC-Can be combined with a 12 V solar panel (I did it and its awesome to charge my torch batteries outdoor.)-Lightweight
    Very good charger for a reasonable price. Its well structured charger and generates not so much heat.
    If it has Discharging capability it will be the best li-ion charger i ever seen. its price is not expensive.
  • Tight fit but it works.

    posted by glaw2008

    This charger, charges the cells when needed. The price is right, I purchased two of these chargers in order to keep my flashlight cells topped up while travelling and at home.
    If this charger had spring-loaded contacts and a little more room for longer cells it would be ideal.
    If you have an 18650 cell that is short enough this charger may be right for you. Otherwise, it will require some modification or you run the risk of damaging your cells. That said, with care it is possible to use this charger
  • works well, but charges very slowly

    posted by soward

    cheap, works, good build quality, fit and finish.
    for flashlight batts, which you only charge once a month or so anyway, this is probably a reasonable choice, especially for the price conscious.The fact that these reviews need to total five hundred words or more is kinda silly. One it means that I probably won't often write them, but further, it means I won't often read them, since I want a concise and quickly read summary of the performance, not a 10th grade english paper.
    good value for most users, though not for heavy and / or power users.
  • It works, so it's good

    posted by hisalmin

    It's cheap and it works. What else could I need? I haven't really measured it, but I'd say this is quite fast. It's easy to change the plug it you need to. It has a standard IEC C8 socket, so you can change the whole cord.
    Exactly the same product is sold in Europe under different brand names, and with a totally different price tag.
  • Excellent 4-channel charger for 18650 batteries

    posted by puterfixer

    This is a well-built charger, with excellent finish and functional design, well ventilated. It has 4 independent charging circuits for the 4 charging slots, and it accomodates various Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. It monitors the charging level for each of them and stops when they are full, without risking overcharging them. An indicator LED will turn from red to green for each slot when charging is complete. The USB port is a bonus, although using it disables two of the charging slots. Works with any 12V 1A power adapter.
    I'm starting a collection of power adapters with the wrong kind of plug for my country :-)
    Excellent fast charger with 4 independent channels for Li-Ion rechargeable batteries.

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