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18650 battery case

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18650 battery case Customers Reviews

  • Soshine 18650 Protected

    posted by dream100

    After few weeks waiting I got my batteries. It came in transparent plastic case which fits quite well the batteries. I am using it for 2 weeks during 10 minutes per day, charged once. It is working well so far.
    Good battery, last long and is very well built.
    Nothing else to say about it. Im stil testing it.
  • 3 x 18650 Battery Dual-USB Power Case Kit

    posted by nocchid

    I purchased the item in use and recycle batteries replaced the notebook, with solder terminals, I will check the batteries, I try and connect 3 batteries in parallel, only 30 min to assemble the object.
    the pack of batteries 3 18650, ensures a capacity of more than 6000mAh, therefore 4-6 times higher than the normal battery of a smartphone, to load the package, there is the same micro USB greatest number of phones, so you need the same cable of the mobile phone,
    the case is very well built and very nice
  • battery backup that Works but stick with 3000mAh or less 18560s

    posted by Bonejj

    Small, compact easy to use and change batteries. It works... I got this a while ago and was waiting on all my different types of batteries to show up before giving a full review. This works best with 3000mAh 18650 batteries or less. the 3200mAh ones do not fit into the battery compartment well enough, extremely tight fit. This unit is extremely simple to use and can charge your 18650 batteries as well. I leave 3000mAh battery in it and keep a couple in my bag for when I'm out in case I need to recharge my phone a few times. I get about one full charge with a little left over in my Galaxy S3 with this setup.
    The flashlight addon that comes with the case is pretty handy and comes in use. I keep that in my backpack for those times that I just need a light to be able to get around. I use it more often than I would have thought I would have.
    If you want to keep your devices charged on the go in a small form factor, this is your easiest option. Just keep in mind that this case is not waterproof. It works though, fairly well. Don't expect it to be durable though.
  • best of 18650

    posted by B0P0H

    good batteris. work after 2 times fall in water and be wet more than 2 days (other baterries was broken with rust). work more than 3 years, and still works! use with diving flashlight. use more than 10 pcs all good. all my friends also use this baterries, all good.
    best batteries from all of 18650. work more than 3 years! buy if you nedd in really good batteries to work hard and log time.
  • Excellent alternative to sealed packs

    posted by EdFromOhio

    Biggest "Pros" are that 1> This allows you to use known quality cells, and 2> When the cells are charged outside of this housing, you don't have any balancing issues.Compact design, easily replaces sealed packs.
    After recent sealed packs came with absolutely terrible cells, I wanted a way to build my own pack. That opens up a mess of other issues such as the cord, circuit board, case, etc. This took all those issues away.Using Panasonic 3400mAh cells, this becomes a 6800mAH battery pack. Compare that with the "4000mAh" packs that actually put out less than 2000mAh, and you'll see why this quickly becomes a great value.
    This is a fantastic yet simple solution to making your own bicycle battery pack. And it's what I had hoped for - a pack that lasts longer than my ride. I've gone out for over 2 hours and my light didn't die, so I'm not sure just how it would take for my light to drain it. That's a nice problem to have.


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