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18650 battery box

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18650 battery box Customers Reviews

  • good cell phone accessory -- great value

    posted by FastFreddy

    good battery capacity, good build quality, simple design, uses a standard 18650 battery, appears to be pretty durable
    I modified the lid so the case will be easier to open. I used a Dremel Moto-tool to grind small notches in the lid so a prying tool can be easily inserted to open the lid. It would be nice if the device was designed so the battery could be more easily removed.
    A very useful device to carry if you anticipate a rough day of cell phone use. I have many things (mostly flashlights) that use 18650 batteries so I like the idea of having this external battery using a standard battery.
  • 18650 charger and emergency power bank for phones and other gadgets

    posted by Daijus

    It charges 1 to 4 x 18650 battery.It can be used to charge a phone with as little as 1 18650 battery.It has battery indicator for each battery.It has charge indicator for each USB outletIt takes protected and unprotected batteries, so you can use old laptop batteries.If you use unprotected 18650's this device protects the batteries against under- and overcharge.
    Why not make both USB's 2A?
    I love it, great device, never worry about phone battery when this is in your bag!
  • love it

    posted by williamr99

    able to charge my phone any where and i already have the battery's for it. And i can also use it to charge my tablet and my ecig and other things that have to have usb to power them.
    no tracking number but it did come pretty quick. and i like the fact that you also make it really easy to check out.
    i am hopping that i will have the opportunity to buy from this site again and I am pleased with the product
  • Works well but poorly designed

    posted by Zed

    This provides a backup power source for any USB chargeable devices. I can be charged from a USB port or the battery can be removed and charged in a 18650 charger.
    I would prefer a different color than the bright lime green plastic and the included short USB cable came in purple! I am not using it as a fashion stating device so I guess that is acceptable but . . . YIKES!
    A great backup source for those times when you phone goes dead part way through the day.
  • Mostly OK

    posted by nevik

    Bought 4. Three were perfect, one not so good. Fits perfectly the protected Trustfire 18650 batteries that I bought at the same time (SKU: 5790).The three good battery holders all had solder wire connections. The not so good battery holder used crimp wire connections. The crimp connector was bent forward as it is a little too long and caused the battery to foul when inserted. Also the rivet holding the spring terminal in place was loose so the spring flopped around. I fixed both problems by appropriately squeezing with long nose pliers. Fixed the spring OK and the wire connection works now, but it is still not great.I bought a two cell holder at the same time and it suffered the same problem.
    DX need to get rid of the crimp type.
    Good holder for the 18650 if you are lucky enough to get the solder type.


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