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18650 battery all in one

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18650 battery all in one Customers Reviews

  • 18650 battery charger

    posted by DyverDwn

    I bought this charger to charge my 18650 batteries (2500 mAh trustfire's) and it functions quite well. It provides a quick charge to the cells and has not impacted their ability to hold a charge or their discharging pattern that I can tell. I use the cells in a high powered flashlight also from here and they seem to all work very well together.
    This charger works well with the trustfire batteries sold here as well. buy a charger and keep it handy, you will not be disappointed.
  • FandyFire All-in-One Battery Charger with 18650 Batteries Set

    posted by Josenarciso

    Hi dears, i'm very satisfied with this charger it is very simple to use and very effective, i can put one or two batteries 18650, there is a led red or green to know when the bateries are charged. it is made in durable plastic very good quality it is not expensive for one charger and two bateries
    A Cable with EU plug can be put in this charger without any problem it is so easy. The bateries comes with the charger are very effective
    Very Nice
  • Good charger for Li-ion battery

    posted by Altair1970

    Works great with 18650 and 16340 with a small change
    Charge times and preserve the health of the Batteries
    Complete detachment from the post after reaching of 4.18 volts
    He can also charge batteries mistakenly discharged to 0 volts.
    Molto chiaro lo stato di carica attraverso l' osservazione dei led
    The battery charging times seem to have very different depending on the capacity, from an hour for 16340 to nearly 5 per 18,650 in 2400 mah.
    Probably charge with constant current, so if the cell has high capacity charging is slow, but this is not bad for battery life.
  • Good product

    posted by Kiprich

    I ordered Ultra Fire All-in-One Batteries Charger with 2 x 18650 Rechargeable "3000mAh", especially for use with the purchased by me SX CREE XR-E Q5 LED 2-Mode 150lm Warm White Diving Headlamp - Yellow + Black (1 x 18650 / 3 x AAA).The charger may be good, but I could not test it due to absence of the rechargeable batteries.
    batteries this battery charger is of no use. To my request to send the missing batteries, the company decided to reimburse me with the money, which I received after some time. I could make a different order for batteries, but feared that they may not be send due slackitude of the supplier.So I had to purchase such batteries in another company, checked the charger, it worked well.
    I think that it should also be supplied with 2-flat-pin plug adapter for various sockets.Otherwise the product is good.
  • It works, so it's good

    posted by hisalmin

    It's cheap and it works. What else could I need? I haven't really measured it, but I'd say this is quite fast. It's easy to change the plug it you need to. It has a standard IEC C8 socket, so you can change the whole cord.
    Exactly the same product is sold in Europe under different brand names, and with a totally different price tag.

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