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18650 battery 4

Purchase the latest 18650 battery 4 with wonderful pricing DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. You can also browse cree 18650 batteries and one 18650 battery. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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18650 battery 4 Customers Reviews

  • Mostly OK

    posted by nevik

    Bought 4. Three were perfect, one not so good. Fits perfectly the protected Trustfire 18650 batteries that I bought at the same time (SKU: 5790).The three good battery holders all had solder wire connections. The not so good battery holder used crimp wire connections. The crimp connector was bent forward as it is a little too long and caused the battery to foul when inserted. Also the rivet holding the spring terminal in place was loose so the spring flopped around. I fixed both problems by appropriately squeezing with long nose pliers. Fixed the spring OK and the wire connection works now, but it is still not great.I bought a two cell holder at the same time and it suffered the same problem.
    DX need to get rid of the crimp type.
    Good holder for the 18650 if you are lucky enough to get the solder type.
  • excellent, I recommend to all

    posted by DmitryPot

    an excellent thing - everything works as expected.Just like the truth ;) , the container with four batteries similar to correct. My samsung and tablet loaded twice.
    I must say that you insert the battery is not enough, you also need to click on the little button inside (cold start) - then everything works fine
    good staff, for this price - good twice!
  • Another Dealextreme winner!

    posted by chetvaldes

    Great price, great capacity. Can be used 1 to 4 cells. The charging works well. It has a handy little white LED for an emergency torch. You can get the batteries for free if you have access to thrown away laptop batteries.
    Took awhile to find that the white LED goes from dim to bright when you push the test button (only when the unit's on).
    Very handy thing to have around. You won't be disappointed with it unless yours is broken or something.
  • Overall is ok

    posted by als101

    Good way to utilise existing 18650 elements (from notebook batteries). Good quality metal elements.
    Good to add minimal assembly instructions (at least battery interconnection scheme).
    Otherwise - You get enough for Your money . DX's limit for minimal character count for review seems stupid, Why should I write a novel for such a simple thing?
  • Best 18650 cell

    posted by Hoodelis

    Genuine Panasonic 3400mah cell.Plastic box which protects your cells anywhere you go.Fits to all of my flashlights, and these are longest ones what i have.
    I did discharge test with my Skyrc imax b6, result was 2880mah from 4.16v to 3.0v, when discharge rate was 1.0A.
    This Panasonic 3400 cell is best on market at this moment and recommend these to everyone.I suggest don't buy xxx/fire cells, buy these or some other panasonic/sanyo/samsung cells.

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