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18650 battery 3.7v

Purchase the latest 18650 battery 3.7v with wonderful pricing Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. You can find what you want at 18650 battery case, 18650 protected battery. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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18650 battery 3.7v Customers Reviews

  • Excellent battery size 18,650

    posted by Faust02

    The new line of batteries from a famous Chinese brand. Quality performance at a high level, it is nice to hold. were purchased for installation in power bank, now with field trips I always have a supply of energy to charge your smartphone. Very happy with purchase, would recommend.
    It would be desirable that the goods purchased in the shop went faster, sometimes have to wait very long.
    All in all very pleased with the service in the store Deal Extreme, products are always high quality, the prices are quite nice.
  • This is a must have if you have a cell phone!

    posted by BSeward

    I bought this device because I wanted a power bank for my phone. I already had the proper battery to fit it, so I bought the bank that came without a battery. Battery fit fine, and the blue light came on when plugged into the USB, indicating charging. It shines through the case, so is not very bright. You can see it ok, but it won't blind you! After a few hours the cell was charged, and I attached it to my nearly discharged Samsung phone. About an hour later, the phone beeped to indicate a full charge. It really was full, 2 days later and the phone still shows almost a full charge. I charged my Syma helicopter with the power tank, and after about 30 minutes, it was charged enough to fly for 6 or 7 minutes - basically a full charge.
    Got a Cell Phone? Or a RC helicopter? This will charge either, and is a real bargain for the money. Remember you need to have or buy a battery for it - DX sells them, too...
    Just get one!
  • Good

    posted by jytkd

    Arrived yesterday, good package - in a transparent plastic reusable in order to keep saved. I charged and is working well. But I think it will long several month (charge will last?) to a realistic rating. Arrived in two weeks. I want them to use with my phone power bank that uses these 18650 batteries. So I will evaluate how many charges it can do, how much time it spends to be full charged a things like that.
    None. In general, batteries are supposed to work and to be hidden, aren't they?
    It is a good price, will take several months to make a adequated rating.
  • Good battery at good price

    posted by rikisub

    This battery is a good product at a fair price. No problem with the use and meets my requirements.
    No problem for charging using the correct power supply. I also think that the recharge times are adequate for this type of battery
    In the future if I need this type of batteries I'll purchase it again from this site. The material was properly arrived in an envelope with his plastic protection box.
  • Excellent

    posted by killert68i

    Build quality is very good. High capacity (my flashlight get some extra 20-30 minutes more of runtime after Trustfire 2400mAh at High mode):
    SKU.20392 + SKU.6190 + Cree R5 = at High runs 2 hours (+- 5 min)
    Shoshine 18650 2800mA + SKU.6190 + Cree R5 = at High runs 2 hours and 25 min (+- 5 min)
    Much more expensive than equal batteries with less capacity. But it gives You some 20-30 of extra light :)
    Plastic case very useful for storage. Recommended for those who want get best results avoiding high prices for branded one

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