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18650 battery 3.7v lithium protected

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18650 battery 3.7v lithium protected Customers Reviews

  • Excellent battery!

    posted by newworldoda

    The batteries on the highest level. Durable housing. The charge was complete, the voltage keeps excellent, the scope of the inscription, as stated on the packaging. Top quality product.There is the battery container. Proved to be a well-to-use light equipment. Moisture resistance went well. Low temperatures batteries are terrible. Have a fuse, which is especially important, because without it, the battery may be damaged.
    Practical battery to use.
    Quality.Reliability.Large volume.Brand.Bonus in the form of boxes for the batteries.
  • Great batterys

    posted by antect

    Great batterys for their price, work as theyre supposed to and do their job.
    They come in a nice case perfect for carrying in your pocket and doesnt allow them to short circut or get damaged.
    I have these in my 90606 torch, and they work great.
    The have enough power to keep it running for over a hour and a half and dont create much heat when charging.
    Good to get if your buying a light for somebody and just want basic batterys for cheap.
    The fact that you get two, and with a container makes it even better for the user of them, you can carry and not have to worry about them getting damaged.
    I have these batterys paired up with my 750lumen torch 90606 and the 2xs18650 charger 03499.
    Reccomend this to everyone.
  • Long lasting batteries for flashlights

    posted by lancersfx

    Have purchased a pack of 2 and a full recharge time of 4-6 hours. Great value for money and have been working very well. There are other 18650 batteries on DX but verify the correct mAh rating when ordering the batteries there is 1300 and 2600. Depending on the type of equipment and its capacity requirement order the correct one.
    Buy this + the Ultrafire WF series or the SSC series as they go hand in hand to provide one of the best battery backups.
  • http://www.dx.com/p/trustfire-protected-18650-3-7v-true-2400mah-rechargeable-li

    posted by hirou

    These are the best cells for the money. They really are at least 2400mAh cells unlike some of the other blue, red, or gray shrink wrapped cells. Because the other cells do not deliver rated charge they might seem like a better deal but in reality they are not. I do not like to run my cells down to the level where the protection circuit cuts in and kills the cell but it does happen. I can get a longer run time than with cells that say they do more.
    It is anecdotal but I have not had a failure of one of these TRUE cells yet. I have put them on a fixed resistance and put a recording voltmeter on them to calculate a current and can see that they do supply the rated charge but generally do not run them until the protection circuit comes on.
    I would rather pay for something where I get exactly what I bargained for instead of something where someone just put a number on the side of a cell. Literally made up the number and everyone knew it was made up. Make sure you recharge a Lithium Ion cell as soon as you drain it.
  • Great Lithium rechargeable

    posted by CaptKirk

    Great price for TWO,Rechargeable,18650 size 3.7v Lithium,UltraFire quality,Good actual mAh rating,Protected from under and over charging,One charge has lasted from the day I got them till now in a high brightness flashlight (FandyFire F102 Cree XM-L T6 600LM #128101)Great fit (even protected these do not seem "too long to fit" like othersCome in a nice little storage case that fits two that keeps you from shorting out charged cells in storage.
    Come on UltraFire, quit "stretching the truth" on your power ratings!! You are better than that. These are NOT AA or C cell replacements- your device has to accept this cell to work!!
    If you need some 18650s definitely get these!!


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