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18650 batteries genuine

The 18650 batteries genuine your looking for is one of our top sellers. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. You can find what you want at 18650 battery batteries, one 18650 battery. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.
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18650 batteries genuine Customers Reviews

  • Best 18650 batteries on the market by my opinion

    posted by Teresaa

    These I have found the best 18650 batteries on the market. Don't waste your time and go and get them. It offers me long vaping time, also with using ma one ohm resistance atty coil. By measurement they will last more on 5 Amps the AW's IMR 2000 mAh. I have used also other branded IMR batteries, but I don't need them anymore.
    It comes with a plastic protection case for free.
    I can only recommend. For this price it is unbeatable!
  • Works Great in Zebralights

    posted by Ceren

    I had contacted Zebralight about an H600F light that I ordered that was not operating correctly - it would turn off very quickly. Lillian suggested this brand battery... I was very skeptical, since I had tried several (mostly Trustfire/Ultrafire) 18650s, but I ordered these and lo and behold the light works great with this!
    I suspect the H600F was drawing more current than the protection circuits of the other batteries would allow.
    Great for high-drain items, like flashlights.
  • Good battery

    posted by opticsforhire

    Good real capacity. Good size for fit notebook batteries. There is no pimple at "+" contact and no protection.
    I use them in my powerbank about 6 months since January 2013. Now at 22 June 2013 I tested them and got capacity about 2400 mAh.This is good result for declined 2800 mAh and 6 month use.My previous cheap batteries like "TrustFire" have only 900 mAh with declined 2400 mAh. These SAMSUNG batteries are not fake seems.
    I reccomend use these battery for devices which not require protection like notebook battery, powerbanks etc.
  • Exactly what I expected

    posted by adrenalnjunky

    Genuine Panny 3100's. So afar I've used a series pair in a flashlight pulling 3A at the switch, they hold up great. I've also got a pair wired parallel on a bike helmet light - runtimes are exactly as expected. My accu-charger discharges down to 3v, then peaks to 4.2 - each individual cell (I ordered 6 at a time) took a little over 2800ma to recharge - which is right on the money for a 3100 cell in that situation
    Pricey - but worth it for a good cell.
    Will be buying again - I can wire 2 in parallel for 6200ma of capacity on a single XM-L light, and get almost the same runtime I would on a 3 cell pack of lesser 2200ma cells.
  • Great batteries (Akkus)

    posted by jussi2K11

    High current output. Works well with current hungry Sky Ray King flashlight.
    I am using these in my Sky-ray king flashlight.Work is superb. I have not yet found out if the maximum discharge level where the circuit stops it from draing any lower voltage level. Just did destroy my Trustfire cell with Sky-ray king. Went to 0 Volts.
    Nice price for quality batteries. Must say Akku.I never, ever buy any akkus but Panasonic or Sanyo any more.ps. Never buy akkus without protection circuit !


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