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18650 3.7v

The 18650 3.7v your looking for is one of our top sellers. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Your support is our greatest motivation.

18650 3.7v Customers Reviews

  • Great batteries

    posted by gearhounds

    Very cheap, economical to use batteries. Long life, do a great job powering my new C2 Q5 lights. Charges great on sku 6105, stops crisply at 4.2V.
    This battery wil not work with lights that a flat positive contact, such as sku 10853. Mod your light with a small spring on the positive pole, or use magnetic spacers and you're in business.
    Great battery if you have a spring positive light, or are able to mod for the same. If you don't have a spring, or don't want to deal with it, get sku 5790 for just a buck more.
  • Great Li-ION pack

    posted by Gekkie

    This is a great Li-ION pack. I am using this in a homemade circuit and only have to recharge it after 1 week of running. The battery is a little big due to the proctection circuit. I was suprised that it came in a little box which I then used to house my circuit.
    Good pack at a really good price, be carefull when shipping as China mail is giving people a hard time for sending li-ion packs. So check the forums!
  • Big battery with big capacity

    posted by btxenon

    * This battery has a large capacity, and a tension of integrated circuits.* Simple to use and robust materials
    I bought this battery for use with integrated circuits. The supply voltage is perfect if you want to design a self-powered motherboard. It allows you to use it in mini motorized vehicles, helicopters, etc.
    Good battery if you want to own electronics designs. You can recharge it so it does not have to buy batteries constantly, or put batteries in series.
  • Great batterys

    posted by antect

    Great batterys for their price, work as theyre supposed to and do their job.
    They come in a nice case perfect for carrying in your pocket and doesnt allow them to short circut or get damaged.
    I have these in my 90606 torch, and they work great.
    The have enough power to keep it running for over a hour and a half and dont create much heat when charging.
    Good to get if your buying a light for somebody and just want basic batterys for cheap.
    The fact that you get two, and with a container makes it even better for the user of them, you can carry and not have to worry about them getting damaged.
    I have these batterys paired up with my 750lumen torch 90606 and the 2xs18650 charger 03499.
    Reccomend this to everyone.
  • Quite good 18650 batt!!

    posted by Agoenxz

    1.It works out of the box! 2. my flashlite become brighter than before with old batt.3. the charging time quite long time looks good means more capacity in it, hopefully!4. well package comes witk 1 carying case for 2x 18650 batts.5. comes with protection circuit.5 Quite worth its price!
    Price cud be bit better maybe ... :Dhope all is good with this 18650 batt
    Recommended Product! Buy it if u need 18650 batt, it has good capacity and its worth the price i guess

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