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18650 3.7v battery soshine

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18650 3.7v battery soshine Customers Reviews

  • Top Notch Reliable Workhorse

    posted by miximaxi

    1. Batteries came in a very useful and quite sturdy protective case that prevents them from accidental short-circuits and/or physical damage during transport. Very good for storage later on, too.
    2. Batteries had obviously been charged prior to delivery, so they arrived in excellent electrical condition, basically ready to use. However, as we all know, rechargeable batteries are supposed to receive a full charging before they get employed for the first time.
    3. The small button top at the + end of the battery proved to be advantageous: quite a few flashlights require such a button to be able to operate (many flashlights do not work with flat top batteries).
    4. After a month of duty (approximately 15 charge-discharge cycles) in my Olight M20 W they work flawless and much longer than the brand name rechargeables I used to use.
    5. The batteries are protected and, therefore, a little bit longer and thicker than unprotected batteries. I put them in various 18650 flashlights and had no size-problems so far.
    I didn't perform any electrical / technical measurements since I am just a user. However, some technical (non-commercial) reviews about 18650 battery test are available. The Soshine batteries were considered to be top notch. You might want to look them up with your internet search engine.
    High quality, high capacity, second to none. Very good price at deal extreme. Highly recommended.
  • Soshine 18650 Protected

    posted by dream100

    After few weeks waiting I got my batteries. It came in transparent plastic case which fits quite well the batteries. I am using it for 2 weeks during 10 minutes per day, charged once. It is working well so far.
    Good battery, last long and is very well built.
    Nothing else to say about it. Im stil testing it.
  • Excellent

    posted by rewolf

    Panasonic NCR18650B insideExcellent build quality
    Length 68.6mmWidth 18.3mm (at the widest part)PCB undervoltage cutoff: 2.43V (measured at 0.5A discharge current)PCB overcurrent cutoff: 7.5A (measured with full and almost empty cell)There are two versions of this battery: old version with PCB at negative pole as usual (purchased April 2013), and a new version (July 2013) with PCB at the positive pole, the negative pole being the bare cell case.The data above referes to the new version.
    High quality protected cell.

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