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18650 3.7v 2600mah

These cool 18650 3.7v 2600mah are high quality and at affordable prices. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

18650 3.7v 2600mah Customers Reviews

  • Nikon EN4 modification with Sanyo 18650

    posted by ByondaK

    High capacity Li-ion battery witch can be used for modifying NiMh batteries. Li-ion has less leakage than NiMH batteries.Standard, common battery
    While it is a standard battery I made the modification without soldering. The batteries can be replaced by reloaded bateries. See photo.I bought a standard li-ion loader for 18650 cells.
    See photo
  • Decent Batteries

    posted by ortoxpi

    Decent enough batteries. They seem to hold charge fairly well. I don't have any others against which I can compare capacity.
    The ends also can't be soldered. They aren't sold for this purpose, so it wouldn't be fair to mark them down because of that, but I wanted them as replacement for cells in a power tool battery pack and couldn't find any with solder tabs. Instead of soldering, they're currently jammed in the pack and are working well enough.
    Decent batteries for the price, could be a little cheaper but they serve their purpose.
  • Excellent !!!!!

    posted by LHBI

    Battery capacity is as written (purchased for my friend and it's confirmed by his measurements). They are protected so it's not possible to overcharge them (tested).
    Product Ecellent !!!! Indian buying this product .....
    Nothing !!!!!! I do not have anything else to talk about this product!!!
  • Muy buen producto!

    posted by gabito80

    Muy buen producto, la relación calidad - precio es excelente. Mi linterna puedo utilizarla de manera óptima ya que con sus 3,7v y los 2600 mAh, me brinda un haz de luz limpia y muy blanca. Son muy buenas para carga rápida.Posee además un circuito de protección que evita las sobrecargas.
    No creo que haya que acotar algo más para este producto, ya lo he hecho en los ítems anteriores.
    En síntesis, el producto es muy bueno y el precio es bajo por lo que es muy recomendable. Su carga es rápida y la duración de las mísmas es bastante larga si se guardan a temperatura ambiente.
  • Good Batteries !!!

    posted by victorrolando

    I have other pair of the same batteries since 2011 that I use in a XML T6 torch and at full power, it drains 1 Amp at 3.6V, and run 1 hour. Build quality is good and fit in my torch, recommended to any who need a good 18650 battery at bargain price.It reach full charge at 4.2V and my torch dim when the battery voltage drop below 3.2V.It has pretection circuit to prevent overdischarge or overcharge.
    Comes in a plastic box inside que envelope, that is better than bubble plastic wrap.
    If you need a 18650 battery with good capacity, good price and good quality, don´t think more, buy it.


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