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18650 2600mah battery

You can find fashionable 18650 2600mah battery at a low price. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Customers who purchased 18650 2600mah battery also viewed 18650 battery 3000mah, one 18650 battery. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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18650 2600mah battery Customers Reviews

  • Muy buen producto!

    posted by gabito80

    Muy buen producto, la relación calidad - precio es excelente. Mi linterna puedo utilizarla de manera óptima ya que con sus 3,7v y los 2600 mAh, me brinda un haz de luz limpia y muy blanca. Son muy buenas para carga rápida.Posee además un circuito de protección que evita las sobrecargas.
    No creo que haya que acotar algo más para este producto, ya lo he hecho en los ítems anteriores.
    En síntesis, el producto es muy bueno y el precio es bajo por lo que es muy recomendable. Su carga es rápida y la duración de las mísmas es bastante larga si se guardan a temperatura ambiente.
  • It works, so it's good

    posted by hisalmin

    It's cheap and it works. What else could I need? I haven't really measured it, but I'd say this is quite fast. It's easy to change the plug it you need to. It has a standard IEC C8 socket, so you can change the whole cord.
    Exactly the same product is sold in Europe under different brand names, and with a totally different price tag.
  • Best Unprotected Battereies on DX

    posted by Clunian

    Not quite 2600mAh, but pretty darn close to it
    Measured a consistant 2300 to 2400mAh on my meter which puts them in the elite class for 18650 batteries.
    Great price for this capacity.
    I would rate these batteries to be as good or better than the black and red Trustfires.
    They actualy have more capacity.
    Suprised that there is not more positive comments for this product.
    For the price you cannot go wrong.
    Protection for 18650's in my opinion is a waste of time, and most of the time it is of poor quality or does not work..
    Have used them for about 6 months with many charges.
    You would have to pay about 3 times the price for non DX batteries to get a 200 or more mAh, which is a waste of money.
  • The best in size 18650

    posted by helgmaster

    I consider these rechargeable batteries are the best in size of 18650. A capacity is maximally close to declared. I bought them for my UltraFire flashlight. Highly pleased by this purchase. I am convinced, that SANYO produces the best compact accumulators at the market. Thus their accumulators are selling at very democratic price.
    The best choice for these money. Buying these accumulators you do not overpay for a brand and pay only for a quality product.
    SANYO produces the best accumulators.
  • Good battery

    posted by Pamdane

    Charged up as expected. Metered just over 4.2. Both batteries are doing well.Have used them a number of times each. They have normal life spans. I haven't had a chance to rate discharge level to rate stated vs actual mah's, but I don't feel they are too far off.Wrapping is tight and attractive.
    None at this time.
    I would re-order these.

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