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18650 2400mah

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18650 2400mah Customers Reviews


    posted by Marcos_8002

    - Good presentation, you really have the sensation that you have got what you have paid for, even before using then.- They are protected so you don´t have to worry about overcharging or excessive discharge.- Rated capacity is well within expectations, to be fair they really exceeded mine.- Batteries where charged on arrival at nominal voltage (3.7V), this is very important to preserve battery capacity when in store.
    I used then to make a serial pack of two @7.4V to replace a dead lead-acid [email protected] cell on a emergency light device. With only the initial charge they arrived with, these cells could hold two 10W fluorescent lights lit for more than one hour. The original lead-acid cell charge was normally enough for only half an hour. These cells are really outstanding.
    They are not cheap and not easy to use, but really worth their price if you need reliable lithium cells and have some expertise with a soldering iron.DX please consider offering us some battery holders to use with then.
  • Good and economical

    posted by interfresh

    - Fair price for protected cells
    - They are protected against over-discharge or charging explosion risks
    -Build quality is good
    -nice for flashlights ( if fits ;-) )
    - Good and economical overall battery. Similar to sku.5790
    - havent tested them yet to run untill protection cuts
    - works great in my Aurora AK-P7-3 SSC P7 900-Lumen 2-Mode LED Flashlight
    - charging them using UltraFire 3.6/3.7V Battery Charger sku.1251
  • Great Battery+Charger Pack

    posted by AntonioNeto

    Rasonable Price for 4 batteries and the charger. // The battaries lasts a good time, being used at a led flashlight. // Rasonable charging time // no excessive heating. // reaches 4.1 volts full charged.
    The Charger could be sturdier...
    This is the bang for the buck pack for batteries and charger. // If you need something like this, there is no regrets on getting this product.... I recomend to all!
  • Great

    posted by snowgrill

    Protected- Less dangerous
    Fits perfectly in my flashlight SKU 19767 and doesnt rattle
    Nice build quality
    Fast charge with SKU 06105
    It would be nice to have the brand in the plastic wrapping. Could have a better price if bought in pairs
    Worth the price!
  • valu plus

    posted by milob40

    best value 18650's i've seen build quality is good .long lasting performance .
    these guys take between 2 and 4 hours to charge as a pair depending on the discharge state .buy 2 dsd chargers and multiple sets of batteries , this way you will always have plenty available for that camping trip
    hard to beat ,good run time for most torches

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