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18650 1000lm zoom

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18650 1000lm zoom Customers Reviews

  • good and bright

    posted by swap24

    Uses 2*18650 battery for long runtime. Comes with charger and batteries, ready for use. Zoom lens useful in different circumstances. Bright enough. Good assembly. 248 g weight.
    not really 1000Lm
    Good and ready for use Flashlight at good price.
  • Great small "sun" in my hands for a super price

    posted by OHScore

    small and easy to carryvery brightzoomdurationheat managementvery good priceyou can use 2 kinds of battery... if your 18650 is empty you can ad 3 AAA cells. thats greatlooks great in that metal body
    so small and full of light! I love it. Makes the night to day :) and it lights far away
    hope, that lamp will work long :) i think i could buy a second one for my friend :)
  • Pretty good for zoom-lovers.

    posted by Belkodil

    Zoom function is made pretty well vs 4 other similar flashlights. Quiet comfortable fits in hand due to its length and light weight. Has a clip! Doesn't heat a little bit in high mode after a while, like its small brothers.
    Some people do not like zooming feature in flashlights, think twice. The clicky switch in the tail cap does functions very well. No troubles in selecting through different modes. Too many modes for me (I need only high-mid-low), but there is no clone with another driver.
    Good price for those who appreciate zoom.
  • small, handy, adjustable light

    posted by gaz69

    Small and powerfull. adjustable light. If the beam is not focussed it will give a very even spread amount of light so it is very useful when making pictures in a dark environment. When focussed you get a square in the same shape as the led inside.
    I use the flashlight for photografy and then is it very usefull because of the even spread of light. The colour of the light is very white and not so blueish as most of the led-lamps.
    quality ok, useful light for everyday use. Its fits nicely in to jacket pocket.
  • Grealight for cheap price

    posted by Petony

    -Small and rugerized flashlight.-If his output isn't 1000lm is near to it(I don't know because I don't have a lumenmeter)-Water resistant is good for me and for another adventurous persons(but I am unwiling to put on water).-The crown can be unmounted for cleaning that is really a good thing when the lens have sand or water.-Switch cap glows in the dark for a long time,in night is really useful to switch on with this feature. Also if this flashlight drops from your hands,you also can see where is it.
    It really worth the money also is on discount from 15.37$ to 10.27$ hurry! Its a great deal :)
    Great flashlight,it outputs a great beam that covers high distance and flows on rainy nights.For this price I would buy another for my dad.Its a good choice.

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