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  • Good quality

    posted by cmach

    White light good for reading. Good looking alluminum dissipator. Seems to be durable and resistant.
    I'm using it in my room and buying another one for my house. I'm very satisfied and I would recommend this product if you plan to buy durable bulbs. The specification says it lasts 35000 hours. The price high, but buying fluorescent bulbs is more expensive considering they last 8000 each.
    It's a good deal. You save money, time and the environment in the long term.
  • LCD backlight

    posted by Scorpei

    -Work as expected-Easy to cut-Work perfectly fine with SKU124496-120 degree angle display area (roughly)-'White' and bright light, perhaps slighty blue-ish (close to 6500k I think, with my untrained eye)
    Cut mine in roughly 8 pieces in order to make the LED backlight. Works fine now, though 48W seems slightly low for a 32 inch TV. Would probably add at least 1 more (have 2 of these hooked up for the backlight in 16 strips) in order to create a more homogenous backlight (24 strips).
    Works as advertised and is relativly cheap. If in need of a LED backlight, should work fine. Also as room decoration it should work, although I did not use it as such the 48W LED panel was more then capable of providing my room with light (when the LCD was not in front of it).
  • Nice soft white colour

    posted by bhassett

    The colour is very nice, with no blue glare that some LEDs have. The strip is covered by a soft transparent gel. The strip can be cut every 50mm (approx 2 inches) to create shorter strips. The + and - solder pads are available and labeled every 50mm and there is even a small scissors mark to show you where it is safe to cut. The rear of the strip has a self-adhesive tape.
    Current is measured as 1.2 amps at 12.7 volts, the typical voltage of a car battery. As delivered, the strip is soldered to a pair of red/black wires which are 75mm (approx 3 inches) long.
    Good product, cheapest that I have found.
  • Unbelievable brightness

    posted by 25080205

    Bright as... I can't find real comparison. Even xenon lamp not so bright! Blinding bright! If direct spot on a hand it feel heat! Different modes of light really works, switching mode activated by short off and on.
    Not fit to Maglite 6D. It seems to be fit after external turning - border is too thick. Also exist electrical problem - 7-9 volt (6 x 1.5 D-cell) obviously not enough to power this module - need use other type of batteries or make additional power driver. Despite of this I planned install this module in my flashlight anyway, but some people may not have skills and tools to do this.
    This not too easy to install but outstanding light worth some tinkering.
  • Bright and efficient

    posted by halext

    Bright and efficient. Minimalistic design but there are lot of lights where this can be used as replacement of old type of lamps with a little of engineering effort to make your ceiling light contemporary again.
    My kitchen it's brighter then never :D
    Great product, worth of purchasing, power efficient, remarkably more light when replacing halogen bulbs with the same power.


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