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180 degrees Customers Reviews

  • Strong and could hold my iphone with lunatik case

    posted by waywardnl

    Short arm from window to your phone, so it is strong and is stable when you steer your car. You can set it up in different directions and fix it with two handscrews. It sticks good to your window with the vacuum.
    These guys know how heavy my phone is, and it holds it firmly into one place. There is a holder at the bottom, but you have to expand it first.
    Yes, if you want a cheap functional holder, this is the one you need.
  • Very cheap and functional

    posted by cezzinhaa

    Very easy to use, plug and play is only to fix the sticker on the phone and close the lens that it sticks to the magnet and is ready to use. Great for making films with higher capture angle. No need instruction to use the product, just attach the adhesive. Works on all devices with flat surface for attaching the adhesive. The adhesive is good and sticks well to the material of the phone. It is great to put on webcam notebook laptops.
    Great product quality, brushed aluminum with high quality paint, super easy to carry in your pocket, comes with a keychain to carry lens. The magnet that comes with the product is super strong and the lens does not move after you glued to the phone. With the lens has excellent image quality.
    Recommend the lens to all mobile phone users who make movies and panoramic photos and footage. optimal cost-benefit ratio as it is a product with high quality and very easy to use.
  • perfect

    posted by DCMPucela

    Herramienta de gran versatilidad, con multitud de aplicaciones y buenos acabados esteticos.Al carecer de transpositor de giro, aumenta la sencillez y la fiabilidad del mecanismo.
    Nada que objetar, el precio que tiene para un uso esporadico esta bastante bien.
    No tengo ni idea del significado de la la palabra que aparece en el cuadro que se llama bottomline.
  • Great little gadget

    posted by willem9

    Clear viewReally does what is says; 180 degree visionEasy to montageComes with lens cover, magnetic strips and attaching cord.Fits on my samsung S3 and all other phones.
    I have ordered 1, damaged it. Ordered another one, lost it. and bought a third one!
    Great for those who want to record in a closed environment like a living room and still be able to catch all the details.Gives a Fish-eye effect to all camera's with a small enough opening. You stick the provided metal/glue ring on your phone and the magnet/lens pops right on to it.
  • Worth it

    posted by Albertolemus

    It's a fairly small attachment to your phone. It works like it says it does. SUPER simple to use, just put the lens over your camera's and you're good to go
    It's fantastic for taking pictures of rooms and inside your car. If you're planning on selling a car or your house, I'd recommend getting it.It is a great tool to use with Instagram, for taking those pictures that are hard to achieve with a regular phone camera lens
    It's fairly cheap for what you get. It attaches to most phones (mine is a Galaxy Nexus) and it works great.If you are still wondering this gives you a Fish Eye Lens effect (google it if you're not sure what that means) which basically increments the angle of vision in your phone camera lens.

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