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18 led Customers Reviews

  • Good, very brighting lamp

    posted by Kostanos

    Very good lamp for the first look. I'm using it on the bathroom, it gives more light than the traditional 50W lamp. The light is scattered by the room (not a spot), what is I'm looked for.The light has little bit different color, I see a little green shade, but it nice.
    Be carefully with the lamp size. It will not fit, if you need the standard size.I will check it for a couple of month, if it still works, will buy more.
  • This is a very good product.

    posted by GCT91

    This light strip peels and sticks to the surface of my car very well and the wiring side is easy also, if I wired it wrong all I had to do was spin the pins around and it was fine.
    I have purchased another light strip on here and it wasn't very bright at all, this one is much better and very bright.
    I would buy this product any day if I wanted it again. I will be buying it for my boat also.
  • Bright and efficient

    posted by halext

    Bright and efficient. Minimalistic design but there are lot of lights where this can be used as replacement of old type of lamps with a little of engineering effort to make your ceiling light contemporary again.
    My kitchen it's brighter then never :D
    Great product, worth of purchasing, power efficient, remarkably more light when replacing halogen bulbs with the same power.
  • Very brigth

    posted by Erezoh

    Excellent brightness and easy to install with the supplied conectors.I replaced a 10 watts lamp and it provides a better ligth, with a fraction of power consumed. Now I can read a book inside the car without any trouble.
    The original lamps used in my car (10Watts, and others 4 of 3 Watts each) destroy the on-off key due to the high current. With this lamp I provide more life to the key.
    Nice accesory to "renew" your car and provide a different looking.
  • Beautiful Lamp

    posted by sraveiro

    Two light intensitys (high light & low light), the higher is really strong! Nice build quality. The cable size is enoght. Work with batteries and USB. I use it only as a lamp in my desktop, and its's incredible bright for read and study. I bought that because the futurist style.
    I don't use the magnifier, but in my amateur opinion, the magnifier is ok.
    I tried similar products in Brazil, besides being more expensive, were larger and not very practical. Even with the delay of delivery, the product is worth the investment.

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